The Basics Of How To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria

Laundry Business In Nigeria

As a result of the poor wages most salary earners in Nigeria earn at the end of every month, there has been a need for some of them to venture into various businesses as a means to be able to provide for their basic needs and improve their standard of living.

If you fall into this category of people, one of the most lucrative business you can consider starting in Nigeria today is laundry business.

With the fast-paced transition from ruralization to urbanization combined with the tight and busy work schedules of most Nigerians, the demand for laundry service providers has increased greatly.

People have now become so busy that they hardly get enough time for themselves, not to talk of having spare time to wash or iron their clothes. This is where laundry business and its profitability comes in.

With a relatively low capital investment, you can start and run a successful laundry business in Nigeria. Everything will be explained in details in this article.

At the end of this article, you should have a good knowledge of what a laundry business is, the benefits of a laundry business, the operational cost of starting a laundry business, some important equipment you need to start a laundry business, as well as how to run a successful laundry business in Nigeria.

What Is Laundry Business?

First, let’s explain the meaning of laundry. Laundry refers to linens, clothes, towels, and sheets that are to be washed or about to be washed. On the other hand, a laundry is a place for washing clothes, towels, and sheets.

However, a laundry business is a business that offers services like washing, cleaning, and ironing of clothes and different types of fabrics. They offer these services to individuals who prefer their laundry to be done by them, or who are too busy to do the laundry by themselves.

Is Laundry A Good Business In Nigeria?

Laundry is a good business to start in Nigeria because it provides a value of convenience in society. Moreover, many individuals are caught up with busy schedules which may come from their work or for other purposes. And looking at it from this perspective, you will understand that laundry is a good business in Nigeria.

Furthermore, the most important consideration that makes laundry a good business is their specialty in washing different types of material using laundry machines and products. For instance, there are stains that individuals will find hard to wash off. However, the services of a laundry will be needed to do the job.

Washing some clothes and fabrics can be challenging, but laundry services can be able to deal with such loads and offer their services efficiently. And the more loads they deal with, the more they are attributed to be a good business in Nigeria.

What Are The Types Of Laundry Services?

There are three major types of laundry services which are:

1. Laundromats: Laundromat is a type of laundry that offers services like dry cleaning services, stain treatment, mending services, ironing, and folding. In a laundromat, customers have to drop their laundry for cleaning.

2. Classic Laundry Services: Another type of laundry service is the classic laundry service. They offer their services by picking up the laundry from their customer’s home or office at a scheduled time, and after the cleaning, they deliver it back.

3. Industrial Laundry Services: This type of laundry business mainly works on contracts with businesses such as hotels, schools, hospitals, and so on.

How Profitable Is Laundry Business In Nigeria?

The demand for laundry services is so high in Nigeria, and you can expect to make a profit percentage of 40% to 70% per laundry done. And therefore, this has made the laundry business more profitable than people can think of. Also, this is one of the businesses that requires minimal investment which can give you amazing benefits within a short period.

How Big Is The Laundry Industry In Nigeria?

Nigeria has witnessed a massive surge in the laundry service industry in recent years. And the demand for laundry services has skyrocketed in the market.

Meanwhile, according to a report by Statista, the Nigerian laundry service industry amounts to US$1.94bn this year 2023, and is expected to grow with a compound growth rate of 14.69% annually through the period of 2023-2028.

This increase in the laundry industry in Nigeria can be attributed to the growing population of Nigeria and the high demand for laundry services.

What Are The Equipment Needed To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria?

To establish a laundry business, there are essential laundry tools and equipment you will need to get started. And below are some of them:

1. Iron
2. Washing machine
3. Ironing board
4. Waste bin
5. Drying machine
6. Detergents
7. Laundry additives
8. Stain removers
9. Clothes drying rack
10. Packaging nylons
11. Sink
12. Baking soda (for removing odor)
13. Fan (wall and standing fan)
14. Starch
15. Generator

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Laundry Business In Nigeria?

Starting a laundry business in a populated and developed area in Nigeria will cost you between ₦1 million to ₦5 million depending on the equipment and your business size. This amount goes into renting of shop, buying equipment, and paying for other expenses.

Alternatively, with ₦300,000 to ₦500,000, you can still start a laundry business in some locations with fewer equipment for a start. So don’t feel discouraged at the mention of millions.

What Are The Challenges Of Laundry Business In Nigeria?

As a laundry owner, you have to overcome some challenges for your laundry business to operate efficiently and profitably. However, you need to be aware of these challenges and come up with a strategy for them. Below are the common challenges facing the laundry industry:

1. Lack of skilled manpower.
2. You may face the issue of missing clothes if you don’t handle your customer’s clothes carefully.
3. Rainy season may affect your business if you don’t have a drying machine.
4. You may face the issue of burnt clothes.
5. Another challenge facing the laundry business is the equipment breakdown as a result of consistent usage.
6. Some dry cleaning detergents or chemicals most times can stain your customer’s clothes.

What Are The Required Steps For Starting A Laundry Business In Nigeria?

There are no special qualifications required to start a laundry business. Still, it’s very important to have the fundamental knowledge of how the business works and procedures to get started. For this reason, you need to consider the below steps before starting a laundry business in Nigeria:

1. Conduct A Market Research: This is the first step to consider before starting a laundry business. Therefore, you begin by checking out some of the laundry services in your area and conducting research on how they operate and offer their services. You also study how they charge their customers per clothes.

Also, while conducting research, you should as well learn about the laundry equipment and how it works.

2. Develop A Laundry Business Plan: After your market research, the next step is to prepare a detailed business plan for your laundry business. However, your laundry business plan should consist of the reasons for choosing the laundry service, market research, marketing strategies, an overview of your business, a list of laundry services you will offer, and finally your vision and mission.

3. Register Your Laundry Business: Registering your laundry business is also part of the aspect of starting a laundry business in Nigeria. However, this may be optional depending on your location. Even at that, don’t forget to get the necessary licenses and permits to run your business effectively.

4. Choose A Good Location: A good location for your laundry business is paramount. In doing this, your laundry shop must be within a residential area or busy place. And also, working professionals should be higher in population within your chosen environment.

5. Buy The Needed Laundry Equipment: Purchasing your laundry equipment is another essential part of the laundry business plan. For your laundry business to operate well, the necessary equipment and tools need to be made available.

Nevertheless, you will need some essential laundry equipment and tools like washing machines, laundry detergents, irons, ironing tables, garment conveyors, stain removers, drying machines, nylon, tags, etc.

6. Creating Awareness: Once your laundry shop is up and running, creating awareness becomes necessary. First, you start by preparing a signboard that indicates your laundry services with your laundry name and phone number attached to it. You can also create a website where customers can find you on the web.

Additionally, you can expand your marketing efforts by reaching out to restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc. to get a laundry contract from them.

Along them all, advertising is a critical aspect of keeping your business afloat and getting hold of clients. However, by identifying and targeting your target market, a successful laundry business can be established.


Regardless of the Nigerian economy, there will always be demand for laundry services, making the laundry industry one of the best service sectors in Nigeria. And even though the laundry industry is very competitive it doesn’t prevent it from being a profitable business.

Finally, if you are starting a laundry business you must first understand the basics for you to strategically position your business to attain success in society.

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