Requirements To Start A Phone Accessories Business In Ghana

Phone Accessories Business In Ghana

With the advent of the internet and the advancement of information technology, there has been an increase in the use of mobile phones and their accessories globally.

According to Asetena, there is progress in the mobile phone market in Ghana, with over 60% of Ghanaians owning a mobile phone.

One good thing about the mobile phone industry is that it offers one the opportunity to make money by selling phone accessories that complement mobile phones.

For instance, a person who owns a mobile phone might need a power bank or an earpod to use along with that phone.

So, if you are looking to start a business in a place like Ghana you might want to consider the phone accessories business.

To make it easier for you, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on how to start and run a phone accessories business in Ghana.

What Are The Fastest-Selling Phone Accessories In Ghana?

Some of the fastest-selling phone accessories are:

1. Screen protectors
2. Phone cases
3. Chargers
4. Power banks
5. Phone grips
6. Headphones and earpads
7. Selfie sticks
8. Memory cards
9. Ring lights
10. Smartwatches
11. Car chargers (included)
12. Bluetooth speaker
13. Pop socket
14. Phone Stand
15. Wireless charger
16. Armband
17. Lens kit
18. Pouches
19. Car phone holders
20. Normal earpiece, etc

What Are The Reasons To Start A Phone Accessories Business In Ghana?

Below are tangible reasons to start a phone accessories business in Ghana:

1. Online Sales: With the rise of e-commerce you have the opportunity to sell phone accessories online and make more profit.

2. The High Demand For Phone Accessories: Another reason to start phone accessories in Ghana is due to the growing demand for phone accessories and this is a result of the increased number of smartphone users. And as people are looking for ways to protect and beautify their devices, you can leverage this opportunity.

3. Phone Accessories Business Never Fade: There is more room for innovations and upgrades for phone accessories making it an unending business in Ghana. This means that even years to come the phone accessories business will remain profitable as far as it is meeting the evolving needs of customers.

4. Phone Accessories Are Inexpensive: Phone accessories are made accessible to all customers. In case you can’t afford the high-cost products, there are low-cost products as well. This makes the phone accessories to be among the first moving products in Ghana.

Is Phone Accessories Business Profitable In Ghana?

Yes, the phone accessories business in Ghana is very profitable.

Now, let’s take a look at the number of mobile connections that was registered. As of January 2023, Ghana recorded about 44 million mobile connection registrations. And presently, the number of mobile connections has corresponded to 140% of Ghanaian’s total population.

With this analysis, you will find out that the number of phone users in Ghana is very huge.

Also, let’s bring it back to the phone accessories business. As the number of mobile phone users is increasing, so is the demand for phone accessories.

However, this has made the phone accessories business a profitable business in Ghana.

What Is The Cost Of Starting A Phone Accessories Business In Ghana?

The cost of starting a phone accessories business in Ghana depends on many factors.

It depends on whether you are starting on a small scale or a large scale.

It also depends on the brand of accessories you want to stock in your shop.

However, to start a small-scale phone accessories business in Ghana, you will need a capital of 2000 to 10,000 Ghana cedis. With this startup capital, you can rent a shop, buy showcases, and purchase the phone accessories you are going to sell.

On the other hand, to start a large-scale phone accessories business in Ghana, you will need a budget of 100,000 Ghana cedis and above.

How Can One Start A Phone Accessories Business In Ghana?

Here are step-by-step guides on how to start a phone accessories business in Ghana:

1. Conduct A Feasibility Study: To get started with this business, you need to conduct your feasibility study. Of course, a feasibility study is very important because it helps you understand how the business works, the competition, and how to fill in the gaps in the market.

With a feasibility study, you will understand the pros and cons of the phone accessories business and how customers react to it generally.

2. Create A Good Business Plan: Two things are involved when it comes to starting a phone accessories business in Ghana.

Either you conduct a feasibility study or you create a business plan for it. On the aspect of business plan, it helps you determine the cost of starting a phone accessories business and also guides you on how and where to invest money to grow your business successfully.

3. Rent A Shop: There are many factors to consider when it comes to renting a shop for your phone accessories business. These factors will help you in growing and expanding your business as well as making sales.

One of these factors is the location of your phone accessories business. Meanwhile, the location of your business plays a vital role in the success of your business.

When it comes to renting a shop for your phone accessories business, you have to consider location in a high-traffic area. Locations like market, t. junctions, bus stops, and roundabouts are ideal locations for your phone accessories business.

Another important factor to consider is the cost of renting a shop. In as much as high-traffic locations are the ideal location, the cost of renting a shop matters a lot.

Don’t rent a shop that the cost is too high which you can’t even repay on the next renewal. Doing this will result in business closure. So you have to be careful when it comes to renting a shop.

4. Source Your Product: Where you buy your phone accessories matters a lot. You need to find a reliable supplier that you can buy from at a cheaper rate.

And depending on how you want to get started, if you are starting a phone accessories business on a large scale you will mainly source your product from phone accessories manufacturers.

5. Stock Your Shop And Start Selling Your Phone Accessories: After buying your phone accessories, you need to transport them to your shop, do the inventory, and display the phone accessories in the show glasses.

As for how you can start selling your phone accessories, if your shop is located in the right places, getting customers will be so easy.

Meanwhile, you can also inform people about your phone accessories. You can also use social media through advertising to get leads and increase sales.


The phone accessories business in Ghana is profitable because average Ghanaians cannot do without buying phone accessories.

You can also make a lot of money from this business and coupled with the fact that you can add other businesses to your phone accessories business and be at an advantage.

However, some of these businesses are buying and selling phones, phone repair business, phone charging business, and recharge card business.

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