Online And Offline Daily Income Business In Nigeria

Daily Income Business

What is the daily income business in Nigeria today? What are the most profitable businesses that bring daily income? Which businesses are Nigerians making big daily? These are some of the questions asked by Nigerians. However, this article provides basic information on online and offline daily income businesses in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, starting a business in Nigeria is one of the best decisions you can ever make because the unemployment rate is on the rise. And without a doubt, Nigeria is a country that supports businesses and is also full of different opportunities.

After making research on the Nigerian economy we have carefully identified a list of businesses that generate income daily and we put them together in an understandable way.

Daily Income Business In Nigeria

These can be divided into Online and Offline Daily Income Businesses.

5 Online Daily Income Business In Nigeria

  1. Blogging
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Cryptocurrency Trading
  4. YouTube Channel
  5. E-commerce And Dropshipping

5 Offline Daily Income Business In Nigeria

  1. Phone Accessories Business
  2. Barbing Salon
  3. Foodstuff Business
  4. Egg Supply Business
  5. Football Viewing Center

Online Daily Income Business In Nigeria

1. Blogging

When success is attained in blogging it always generates income daily. And one interesting thing about blogging is that anyone can start a blog. If you find it passionate in writing then this business model can be the perfect match for you. Most importantly it’s not all about starting a blog but your originality. That is one of the things that will make your blog stand out.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the online daily income businesses in Nigeria with no doubt about that. As an affiliate marketer, you make money by promoting products or services and earn a commission from sales made. However, you need to note that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme rather it requires patience.

All you need is just a marketing avenue to promote the products. This avenue can be a social media, blog, or email list.

3. Cryptocurrency Trading

Millionaires have emerged immensely from the cryptocurrency world. Though it may be seen as a risky business it involves you having a mentor that will guide you well on the requirements, processes, and how to study the market to know when various coins will rise and fall.

4. YouTube Channel

A YouTube channel is a valid online daily income business that you can earn an income from. Vlogging can be incredibly fulfilling especially if you are doing it right. Meanwhile, starting a YouTube channel comes down to picking a needed niche for YouTube.

The truth is that starting a YouTube channel is very easy but the most challenges come from finding the time and ideas to vlog. Therefore you need to make sure you are doing it right and also stay motivated in your early stages.

5. E-commerce And Dropshipping

E-commerce and dropshipping are two online daily income business model that operates by selling products online. These two sets of businesses make money by selling different products online. They have become a long way business in the Nigerian market. Additionally, e-commerce and dropshipping have gained popularity over the years and you can even start it without the need for a physical inventory.

And if you’re looking for how to get started you can start by choosing a niche that has a high demand for products online and as well as less competitive.

Offline Daily Income Business In Nigeria

1. Phone Accessories Business

A phone accessories business is an offline daily income business in Nigeria that is highly profitable. This is because almost everybody has a mobile phone which creates a demand for phone accessories.

Phone accessories business has the characteristics of online and offline business models. You can sell phone accessories online without a physical store and as well as decide to start it offline with a physical store. Though not a capital-intensive business but it requires a careful plan before you can get started.

With your business plan in place, you are ready to scale your phone accessories business and turn it into a daily income business.

2. Barbing Salon Business

Even in the recession period, the barbing salon has proven to be one of the most lucrative daily income businesses in Nigeria. And likewise, for other businesses, in the barbing salon, you can choose to run your barbershop as a part/full-time business depending on your availability.

Starting a barbing salon requires you to know how to barb unless you want to hire a skilled barber to work for you which you will be paying him or her weekly or monthly depending on the agreement. And you have to be aware that dealing with the competition will be made easy when you or your barbers have the skill to operate professionally.

3. Foodstuff Business

Have you ever wondered how food gets to the table? Well, there are many players in the food industry and the foodstuff sellers are not left behind. To avoid unnecessary losses it is important to understand the processes of this business.

Nonetheless, the foodstuff businesses are becoming more popular with the increasing demand for raw foodstuffs. Meanwhile, if you understand the process then the profit potential can be immense.

4. Egg Supply Business

It is not surprising how the egg supply business got to be on the list because the rate at which eggs are demanded daily by grocery shops, eateries, and individuals automatically qualifies the egg supply business as the most thriving daily income business in Nigeria.

Ranging from selling wholesale to retailing, you will make income daily from it.

5. Football Viewing Center

Last but not least on our list of daily income businesses in Nigeria is the “Football Viewing Center”. The business of a football viewing center is an excellent one because it requires little investment and can grow into a larger enterprise if managed well.

Football is one of the most loved games within and outside the country, and it is what brings men together. As a result, opening a football viewing center, however, provides an opportunity for you to make money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any daily income business in Nigeria specifically for ladies?

Of course, all the businesses we listed above can be done by both men and ladies as well. There are also some other daily income businesses a lady can do which are:

  • Pos Business
  • Bakery Business
  • Perfume Business
  • Freelancing
  • Hair and Beauty Services, etc

What are the capital requirements to start up the listed businesses?

Well, some of the listed daily income businesses like Blogging, YouTube Channels, and Affiliate Marketing can start with less than ₦50,000 while you can start the other businesses between the range of ₦200,000 to ₦1 million or more depending on the size and location.


These are the online and offline daily income businesses in Nigeria that we could list according to our research. In the end, what matters is choosing any of the business models that match your passion and working towards it.

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