Requirements To Start A Laundry Business In Ghana

Laundry Business In Ghana

One of the most essential part of people’s life in Ghana is having their clothes clean at all times.

However, some of these people do not have a washing machine at home to make the washing of their clothes easy and others who wash with their hands find it hard to create time out of their busy schedule to have their clothes washed.

Meanwhile, as a laundry business owner, this is where you come in. By washing items like clothes, shoes, bags, bed sheets, duvets, pillowcases, and curtains, to mention a few, you can easily earn a decent income for yourself.

But as easy as it sounds, you should know that if you venture into a laundry business without having any prior knowledge or information about how it works, you might fail woefully. This is why we have put together a step-by-step guide on how you can start and run a laundry business in Ghana.

Is Laundry Business Lucrative In Ghana?

Yes, a laundry business is a lucrative business in Ghana that you can make money from. Although it depends on your location, marketing approach and the quality of services you provide to people.

Meanwhile, the laundry business has a quick return when stabilized. It also has a high rate of success and easy profit projection.

With the right marketing approach and a good location, you can make up to 25% to 50% profit on each service you rendered.

What Are The Reasons To Start A Laundry Business In Ghana?

1. There is always a ready market for it.

2. It is one of the most profitable businesses that requires little capital.

3. You can get started with no capital by offering home service.

4. The laundry business has a high-profit margin of more than 25%.

5. It is a business you can run as a part-time.

What Are The Challenges Of Running A Laundry Business In Ghana?

In Ghana, below are challenges that laundry businesses are likely to experience:

1. The Challenge Of Burnt Clothes: If you are not careful enough you may experience clothes burnt when ironing clothes.

2. Issues Of Missing Clothes: One of the biggest challenges of running a laundry business in Ghana is the issue of missing clothes. And this usually occurs when you have a lot of customers. That’s why it is very important to do proper labeling on each of your customer’s clothes.

3. Rainy Seasons: A rainy season can be a challenge for laundries that don’t have a drying machine. So to pass this stage of the challenge, you have to purchase a high-quality drying machine.

4. Power Supply: An area without adequate power supply may affect your laundry business. This is because you will be investing heavily in diesel, and it, in turn, limits some of your profits.

5. The Challenge Of Equipment Breakdown: Running a laundry business in Ghana comes with inevitable experiences like tearing or worn out of laundry equipment. However, it happens as a result of consistent usage of equipment.

To avoid inconvenience at any time, you have to consistently service your laundry equipment.

What Are The Equipment Needed To Start A Laundry Business In Ghana?

Laundry business requires using the right equipment for the work to be easy. Meanwhile, below is a list of important equipment you will need to start a laundry business in Ghana:

1. Washing Machine
2. Pegs
3. Table
4. Buckets
5. Drying Rack/Washing Line
6. Drying machine
7. Ironing Board
8. Pressing Iron
9. Bowls
10. Generator
11. Shelves

Additionally, you will need cleaning chemicals like:

1. Detergents
2. Stain Removals
3. Starch
4. Proprietary Whiteness Enhancing Chemicals
5. Upholstery Cleaner
6. Suede Cleaner
7. Colour-safe conditioner, etc.

How Can One Get Customers For Laundry Business?

Here are ways to get customers for your laundry business:

1. Put a signpost in front of your laundry shop to let people know that you offer laundry services.

2. Another step to take to get customers for your laundry business is through word of mouth. You need to tell people around you and your friends about your laundry business. If possible inform them to refer their friends to you whenever they need the service of a launderer.

3. Technology has made it easier for people to use Google Maps to find local businesses. However, you can tap into this opportunity by creating a business profile and listing your laundry business on Google. With this, you can reach out to more customers.

4. You can also get customers by printing fliers based on your laundry services with your address and contact information, then sharing the flier in your neighborhood.

5. And lastly, use the power of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to connect with potential and existing customers. You can also consider advertising online to reach more people.

How Much Will It Cost To Startup A Laundry Business In Ghana?

The amazing thing about the laundry business is that with as low as 500 to 1000 Ghana cedis you can be able to start up a laundry business in Ghana on a small scale.

But if you are planning to start a laundry business on a large scale, you can budget 15,000 Ghana cedis upward. This budget should cover both the shop rent and the buying of equipment.

How Can One Start A Laundry Business In Ghana?

You can follow the following steps to start a laundry business in Ghana:

1. Find A Good Location: Identifying the right location for your laundry business is the first thing to consider.

A good location is very vital for the success of your laundry business.

Generally, where your business is located has an impact on your business. That’s why you need to relax and carefully select a good location.

However, if you can locate your laundry in an area where there is no much competition it will be a better option. But all the same, let your laundry business be located in high-density residential areas and areas with good transportation routes.

2. Choose A Business Name For Your Laundry: Choose a good business name for your laundry business and not just a good name, you need a name that is simple and easy to remember.

Avoid names that are too long and very difficult to pronounce. Perhaps, a name that your customers can never forget is an ideal.

After choosing a name, the next thing to do is to register your business with the Registrar General’s Department (RGD) and get the necessary permits.

Also, note that a business registration may be an option for a small-scale laundry business. But it is very important to give your business the recognition and proof of legitimacy it deserves.

More so, you should give your laundry business a classic logo and design to easily attract customers.

Your signpost should bear your laundry business name and the services you offer. And it should be written boldly and clearly.

3. Purchase All The Needed Equipment: The next step to take is to purchase all the needed equipment. Meanwhile, the type of equipment you will need depends on the scale you are starting your laundry business.

We have already mentioned some of the equipment needed to start a laundry business in Ghana. However, ensure to provide them for the successful running of your laundry business.

4. Hire Staff: Depending on the size of your laundry business you may need to hire helping hands to run the day-to-day activities of your laundry business.

Ensure to hire someone who can handle the business with all honesty.

5. Set Up Your Price And Promote Your Laundry Business: With the cost of labor and expenses, you can now determine the price of your services. But you have to offer competitive prices to win customers at the beginning and also make sure you are on the right track while offering a good service charge.

On the other hand, you should now focus on promoting your business and getting customers. We also mentioned above how to get customers for your laundry business. Therefore, you can follow the steps to get potential clients.


That’s the end of this article on how to start a laundry business in Ghana.

All you need to get started is the capital, location, and good marketing strategies.

Finally, decide on the scale you want to start and work towards it.

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