Everything You Need To Start An Ice Cream Business In Kenya

Ice Cream Business In Kenya

One of the most profitable businesses in Kenya is the ice cream business. The idea for starting an ice cream business is not just for its rewarding nature but for its potential to generate income daily.

Before we proceed in this article, you need to know that the ice cream business is a good one to start in Kenya. From its daily demand, you can tap into the market and develop a niche to focus on to make money.

That’s why in this article we have prepared a guide for you on everything you need to start and thrive in the ice cream business in Kenya.

Is Ice Cream Business Profitable In Kenya?

The ice cream business is a profitable and lucrative business in Kenya that anyone can start. This is because of its vast market demand in society and the ability to build a large customer base.

Meanwhile, the ice cream business is a great option when you’re looking for a profitable business in Kenya to start.

Additionally, it is very important to know that for you to make a profit in this business you have to first understand what your customers want and offer them quality products. With this, you can make your ice cream business a successful and rewarding business.

What Are The Reasons To Start An Ice Cream Business?

The reasons to start an ice cream business in Kenya are:

1. There is a ready market for it
2. Ice creams are very high in demand
3. There are high profit margins
4. The ingredients used for ice cream production can be sourced locally which makes it more effective for the operation
5. Ice creams are very easy to produce (for ice cream producers)
6. It is one of the businesses that requires low startup capital.

What Are The Challenges Of Ice Cream Business In Kenya?

If you are running an ice cream production business you will need a constant power supply to operate your business. However, in a case where there is an erratic power supply, it can be a major challenge to your ice cream business.

To overcome this challenge, you need to purchase a generator to run your business effectively.

Another challenge is the competition from other ice cream dealers.

Lastly, low demand for ice creams during cold seasons.

What Are The Equipment Needed To Start An Ice Cream Shop In Kenya?

The equipment needed to start an ice cream shop depends on whether you are starting a small ice cream business or a large scale, or whether you are starting as a producer or as a retailer.

Depending on the one you are starting, the below equipment may fall under your category:

1. Freezer
2. Ice cream machines
3. Topping dispensers
4. Mixing and blending equipment
5. Refrigeration units
6. Storage containers
7. Display cases
8. Cones and cups
9. Scooping tools
10. Ice cream dipping cabinet
11. Storage shelving, etc.

How Much Do I Need To Start An Ice Cream Business In Kenya?

For you to start an ice cream business on a small scale, it will cost you at least Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 50,000. While you should budget more than Ksh 500,000 to start a large-scale ice cream shop/business in Kenya.

How Do I Start An Ice Cream Business In Kenya?

Below are steps to start an ice cream business in Kenya:

1. Acquire The Needed Skills: If you’re starting an ice cream production business, then it will be important that you acquire the skills on how to produce ice creams.

This stage involves learning everything needed to start producing ice creams including the ingredients and how to mix them correctly. Most importantly, you need to upgrade your skills on how to develop your recipe.

2. Do A Feasibility Study: Do a feasibility study on the ice cream market and understand the customer preferences.

You also have to identify the competition in the business the strategies used by existing ice cream dealers to sell their products and possible ways you can develop your strategies.

Also, during your feasibility study, you have to identify the pricing strategy and how to fix yours.

3. Find A Good Location: You will need a good location where you will operate your ice cream business. Before finding a location, ensure that you study the environment. This is because location is very vital for the success of your business.

However, after finding a good location, you then proceed to furnish and set up your ice cream shop.

4. Purchase All The Needed Equipment: This stage involves buying all the equipment needed to start an ice cream business.

5. Obtain Licenses And Permits: One of the legal requirements of starting an ice cream business in Kenya is acquiring business licenses and permits.

Some of the licenses and permits to obtain are food and health permits, single business permits, KEBS certifications, and city council business permits.

6. Marketing: This is an important stage of every business. You have to take the marketing of your business very seriously.

Additionally, you have to offer quality ice creams to your customers. Also, you have to put up a signpost to let people know that you deal in ice cream. With these marketing strategies, you will be able to attract more customers and grow your customer base.


One amazing thing about the ice cream business is that you can get started easily and make a lot of money while running it. Also, it is one of the businesses you can start with little capital and make a profit off it.

However, by following the above steps you can start a successful ice cream business.

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