Everything You Need To Start An Uber Business In Kenya

Uber Business In Kenya

If you intend to start a business in the road transportation industry in Kenya, then you should consider Uber business.

Over the past couple of years, the road transportation industry has witnessed significant growth with the continuous increase of people in urban areas in the country.

The Uber business is however one aspect of the road transportation business where you can make a lot of money from. This is because not everyone is comfortable enough to share a public bus with others. They would rather pay for an Uber which they can use exclusively for a particular period.

However, provided you have a car and driving skills you can run an Uber business in Kenya.

To help you understand more, we have provided a well detailed information in this article on everything you need to know about the Uber business and how you can operate it successfully.

Is Uber A Profitable Business In Kenya?

Yes, uber business is a profitable business in Kenya which you can make a lot of money from. As an Uber owner or driver, you have the opportunity to make Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 100,000 profit monthly.

The income and profit can vary based on many factors like demand for rides, fuel costs, location, and the number of hours worked.

What Are The Uber Requirements For Drivers In Kenya?

Here are the Uber requirements for drivers in Kenya you need to know:

1. You must be at least 21 years of age
2. You must have a valid PSV driving license
3. You must have an identity card (a valid national ID)
4. You will have to provide a certificate of good conduct
5. You must have a driving experience of at least 3 years
6. You must go through a driving test and safety screening

What Are The List Of Cars Accepted By Uber In Kenya?

Before we talk about the list of cars accepted by Uber, let’s list the Uber car requirements in Kenya:

1. Your car must have 4 doors
2. Your car must have complete legal paperwork like a vehicle inspection report, vehicle insurance, etc
3. Your car must be in a good working condition
4. Your car manufacture date shouldn’t be less than 2000, and also your car should not be old
5. It must accommodate at least 4 passengers together with the driver

Now the list of accepted cars for Uber is as:

1. Toyota Vitz
2. Toyota Pisso
3. Toyota Ractis
4. Mazda Demio
5. Honda Fit

Also below are the types of Uber cars in Kenya:

Uber X: This offers comfortable rides at a fair price, and mainly the cars in this category are new.

Uber ChapChap: This type of Uber cars are kind of small and their services are low as well. Meanwhile, they have their brand name written on their cars.

Uber SELECT: This is mainly used for luxury traveling and their prices are high.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Uber Business In Kenya?

The cost of starting an Uber business in Kenya cannot be estimated due to so many factors like whether you already have a car or not, insurance, and license.

However, if you don’t have a car it solely means that you will buy one and it will make the cost higher, and on the other hand, if you have a car it will make the cost less expensive.

So with these factors, we can give a rough estimate that you can start an Uber business in Kenya with more than Ksh 1 million if you don’t have a car yet (which means you will be buying a car for it).

Fortunately, if you have a car that meets up with the Uber requirements, the capital won’t be high.

How Can One Start An Uber Business In Kenya?

Below are steps on how to become an Uber driver in Kenya:

1. Know How The Business Works: The first step to becoming an Uber driver in Kenya is to understand the business model and know perfectly how it works.

2. Get A Car For Your Uber Business: The only equipment needed to start an Uber business is a car. If you don’t have a car, then you have to buy one. But if you already have a car, then congratulations to you as it will reduce the cost for you.

3. Ensure you meet up with both the car requirements and the driver requirements just as we have stated above.

4. Download The Uber App: After meeting up with the requirements, you have to proceed to download the Uber app and register an account.

Either you download the app or you visit the website for registration. Nevertheless, we will recommend using the app. So you will need to fill in the correct details when registering.

5. Vehicle Inspection: Find an Uber center and get your vehicle inspected. Once you pass the inspection, you now upload the report to your account and wait for review. This normally takes up to 24 hours.

6. Start Driving: Once you get approved, all you need is to keep your data on and start getting orders within your location. Upon every completed order and ride, you will be paid.


These are everything you need to start an Uber business in Kenya. Still, ensure you offer the best ride to your clients.

Don’t overspeed and always apologize for any inconvenience. With all this information in place, you are good to get started.

Ambassador Victor Chidera
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