Everything You Need To Start An Electronics Business In Kenya

Electronics Business In Kenya

Starting an electronics business in Kenya won’t be a bad idea for an entrepreneur looking for a business to start in Kenya.

The electronics business has presented a lot of opportunities which you can embark on and make money. Moreover, there is a consistent demand for electronic gadgets and devices which has made the business experience growth recently.

As Kenyans are making a demand for modern electronics products, establishing an electronics business that serves the market will be more rewarding for you in the aspect of earning income constantly.

Meanwhile, before you start an electronics business in Kenya you need to understand the market, customer preference, and strategies needed to fit into your chosen line of electronics business.

That is why in this article, we have provided you with a step-by-step guide on how to start an electronics business in Kenya.

How Profitable Is Electronics Business In Kenya?

There is always a high demand for electronic items and gadgets. And as the world is advancing more to digitals, so as the need for new electronics is increasing. Moreover, people are looking to upgrade to the latest electronic devices.

There are many reasons why the electronics business is profitable. One is because of the constant demand either for official or domestic use.

The second reason is that is not possible for society to do without electronics. Every individual has at least one electronic gadget.

All these have made the electronics business to be lucrative, making a lot of sales and profit to an electronic shop owner.

What Are The Fast Moving Electrical And Electronics Goods In Kenya?

When it comes to starting an electronics business in Kenya below is the list of the fast-moving electrical and electronics goods to consider:

1. Refrigerator
2. Smartphones
3. Televisions
4. Electric stove
5. Microwaves
6. Electric kettle
7. Washing machine
8. Ovens
9. Cookers
10. Sound systems
11. Gaming gadgets
12. Digital camera
13. Switches
14. Laptops and tablets
15. Bulbs
16. Cables, etc

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Electronics Business In Kenya?

Capital is very important when it comes to starting a business and the electronics business is not exempted. However, with about Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 300,000 you can start an electronics business in Kenya on a small scale. At least, it can rent a shop and buy some electronics for startup.

On the other hand, to start something like a medium shop electronics business in Kenya you should budget at least Ksh 2 million. This capital will cover things like shop rent, license, showroom, stocking your shop, and so on.

How Do I Start My Own Electronics Business In Kenya?

Here are steps to start an electronics business in Kenya:

1. Learn The Business: Electronics business is not just like other businesses that don’t require much knowledge and expertise. In fact, in the electronics business, you need to know how it works. It involves learning from an experienced dealer to understand every aspect of the business.

So you have to reach an agreement to undergo training with an established electronics shop in Kenya.

2. Study The Business: Once you are undergoing training, you should try as much as possible to do more research on other best electronics businesses in Kenya. The research aims to know the fast-moving electronics and how you will serve the market. This will help you make a good decision in your supposed line of business.

Studying the market will also help you understand some challenges an already existing electronics business is facing and better ways to overcome them.

3. Choose A Niche: There are varieties of electronics products, and you can’t be a jack of all trades. That’s why it is very important to choose a specific niche and build an authority.

You may not know, but focusing on one niche will help you serve the market well, as well as ensure focus in the business.

Also, it helps you build expertise in your line of business.

4. Find A Good Location: Location is very important for your electronics shop. In this case, it is best that you find a location where commercial activities take place.

When looking for a suitable location, you should first study the demand level of the area. Of course, you need a location where there is demand. Also, you should consider the visibility and the accessibility nature of the area. It should be easy for your customers to locate you.

All these are factors to consider when choosing a location for your electronic business.

5. Obtain The Required License And Permits: At first, you need to register your business to make it legal for operation. And next is to obtain the required licenses and permits.

Regardless, you need to apply for a single business permit from the right authority. The prices vary based on location.

6. Find A Supplier: After meeting up with all the requirements, the next is to find a supplier. Fortunately, there are many reliable suppliers/dealers of electrical and electronics in Kenya, and most of the brands are locally and internationally owned.

Therefore, do research and find out the perfect supplier for your electricals and electronics. If you are starting a large-scale electronics business in Kenya, then dealing with manufacturers directly will be ideal.

7. Stock Your Shop: When you must find a reliable supplier, you need to make your first purchase and find a means to deliver them to your electronics shop.

Most suppliers offer delivery services, so if your suppliers are one of them, then is best to reach an agreement and pay for the delivery service. Once it gets delivered to you, is now time to do the inventory and put them on a good display.

8. Hiring Staff: Hiring staff is essential for the efficient and effective running of your business. Your business needs them to operate well. But you have to be careful when hiring staff because they are instrumental will determining the growth of your business.

However, make sure they have an experience of the business or you can also offer them training on every product you are selling so that they will acquire the knowledge to assist in your business.

9. Marketing: One way of marketing your business and attracting customers to your electronics shop is by displaying your products where they can see them.

You can also create a signpost that has the name of your electronics shop and the electronics you deal with. By doing this, you are developing visibility for your business.

On the other hand, you need to build an online presence and use social media to advertise and reach out to potential customers.


Never forget that starting an electrical and electronics business in Kenya requires knowing about it very well. It requires a lot of research and understanding to turn it into a profitable venture.

However, we believe that this article has provided 50% of what you need to start an electronics business, the remaining 50% should go into offline research and taking action.

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