Everything You Need To Start An Egg Business In Kenya

Egg Business In Kenya

One of the most profitable businesses anyone can start in Kenya today is the egg business.

Eggs play a very important role in the human diet, from offering protein to helping with cholesterol, lowering triglycerides, and helping with portion control, to mention a few.

Not only are eggs in high demand but they also get consumed regularly. This means that if you are running an egg business, you won’t just be making a good profit but you would also be making sales consistently.

There are various ways in which you can operate an egg business in Kenya. You can either operate it on a large scale by starting a poultry farm and selling the eggs you get from it to wholesalers or you can operate it on a small scale by buying eggs from wholesalers and selling them in retail directly to customers.

How then can you start an egg business in Kenya? Check out this article to find out.

What Are The Types Of Egg Business In Kenya?

Here are the types of egg business in Kenya:

1. Egg Farming Business (Egg Production): This is the type of egg business that involves raising hens known as “layers” for egg production.

2. Egg Distribution And Wholesale Business: Egg distribution business also known as egg supply or egg wholesale business is the business of buying eggs in bulk from the farm (egg producers) and supplying them to retailers like grocery stores, duka, and restaurants.

3. Egg Retailing Business: The Egg retailing business involves buying eggs in smaller units from the distributors and selling finally to the consumers.

4. The Sale Of Egg Equipment And Tools: This is the type of egg business that deals with the sales of egg tools and equipment needed by egg producers like chicken feed, incubators, farming tools, etc.

Is Selling Eggs Profitable In Kenya?

Yes, selling eggs is very profitable in Kenya and the number one reason is because of the high demand for eggs in the society.

And also, a huge percentage of Kenyans go for eggs in their daily diet.

What about restaurants and hotels that buy eggs daily?

These are the reasons why the egg business is a profitable venture.

On the other hand, an egg business is a very lucrative business that anyone can start now and make instant profits once you start supplying to your customers.

So starting an egg business is rewarding for those who go into it.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Egg Business In Kenya?

To start a profitable egg business on a small scale, you will need a capital of at least Ksh 90,000 to 250,000.

But if you want to start an egg business on a large scale maybe as an egg producer or wholesale, you should budget at least Ksh 1 million. With this capital, it should cover expenses like egg stock, tuk-tuk, business license, and other miscellaneous.

What Are The Steps Required To Start An Egg Business In Kenya?

Here are the required steps to start an egg business in Kenya:

1. Conduct Market Research And Develop A Business Plan: At first, you need to conduct market research to identify things like the competition, pricing, demands, supply methods, challenges, and marketing strategies.

It is after conducting market research that you will now proceed to plan out your business by creating a business plan. A good business plan is a complete guide on how to operate your business successfully.

However, you can write your business plan by yourself or you hire a professional who will write the business plan for you based on your location.

2. Rent A Shop: You will need a shop where you will set up the storage facilities to store your eggs. After renting a shop, you buy the needed equipment for your egg business.

The importance of some of the equipment is to prevent the eggs from cracking or breaking. So among the equipment to buy are the egg crates. Either you buy the paper crates or you go for the plastic crates. It depends on your choice.

3. Find An Egg Supplier: If you’re starting as an egg retailer, then you need to find a dependable egg distributor that will supply you with quality eggs. However, it doesn’t limit you from buying directly from the farm as a retailer.

Then as a wholesaler, you need to locate a reliable poultry farm that produces quality eggs in large quantities, speak with them, and have an agreement on how you will be buying the eggs from them.

4. Acquire A Vehicle: If you are starting on a large scale, you can acquire a vehicle that will aid in supplying eggs to your customers and also charge them a delivery fee.

5. Stock Your Shop And Start Supplying: Stock your shop with the eggs you bought from your supplier. After that, you need to promote yourself by meeting restaurants, hotels, and food sellers and informing them about your egg business.

Also, you need a signpost that will clearly state that you are a dealer in the egg business.

Lastly, you need to display enough samples of your eggs in your shop so that people will see them. And never stop telling people about your business.


Without a doubt, egg business is one of the most profitable businesses that requires little startup capital.

And anyone who ventures into it has an opportunity to continuously make money. As a result, we can say that starting an egg business in Kenya will be a wonderful decision you can make if you are looking for businesses that generate daily income.

Ambassador Victor Chidera
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