Everything You Need To Start A Shoe Business In Kenya

Shoe Business In Kenya

Do you want to start your own shoe-making business or shoe-selling business? Starting a shoe business in Kenya is another way of tapping into the fashion market where Kenyans love and embrace fashion.

In this article, we are going to guide you on everything you need to start a shoe business. We will cover topics and subtopics like profitability, the cost of starting a shoe business, market research, business plans, marketing, and many more.

However, whether you want to start your shoe brand (production) or you want to start reselling (shoe retailing), then this article is for you. Keep reading to learn more about how to start a shoe business.

What Is The Demand For Shoes In Kenya?

The average volume per demand of shoes in Kenya as of statistia is 0.47 pairs. And this market demand is expected to increase with a 0.7% growth rate by next year 2025. In addition, the volume of the footwear market is expected to reach 28.41m pairs in the year 2028.

Is Shoe Business Profitable In Kenya?

Yes, the shoe business is a profitable business in Kenya that everyone can do and have a sustainable income.

Almost everybody wears shoes, and yes, selling shoes to the Kenyan market will be a great way to make money because of the unstoppable demand for shoes.

Even with the advent of social media, you can leverage it and make a lot of sales and profits while promoting your business.

Finally, the shoe business in Kenya has profit margins of 35% to 50% on each sale.

What Are The Reasons To Start A Shoe Business In Kenya?

There are many reasons to start a shoe business in Kenya and below are some of them:

1. You can start the shoe business with little capital
2. There are no special skills required to start a shoe-selling business unless you are starting a shoemaking business
3. There is a ready market
4. Shoes are among the fast-selling commodities in Kenya

How Much Do I Need To Start A Shoe Business In Kenya?

For a small-scale shoe business or mitumba shoes, the capital you will need will range from Ksh 50,000 to Ksh 100,000.

On the other hand, if you want to start a standard shoe business in Kenya, probably a medium-scale business, then you should have a budget of Ksh 300,000 and upward.

What Are The Ways Of Starting A Shoe Business In Kenya?

You can follow the below steps to start a lucrative shoe business in Kenya:

1. Choose The Type Of Shoe Business To Start With The first step of starting a shoe business in Kenya is to decide the type of shoe business to start with. You can decide to start a shoe-making business or selling of shoes.

When it comes to selling shoes, you should ask yourself whether you will start with ladies’ shoes, men’s shoes, or children’s shoes. Or will you deal in locally produced shoes or international shoes?

All these are the things to consider. Having a clearly defined niche and target market are the foundational aspects of starting a shoe business.

So at this point, you choose the way of starting your shoe business in Kenya.

2. Write A Business Plan: A Business plan is one of the important documents that every business needs in Kenya to operate successfully. It outlines everything you need to successfully run your business right from day one. As such, your shoe business needs a business plan as well.

3. Find A Good Location: The next step in starting a shoe business is choosing a good location. The shoe business is among the businesses that require a suitable location to experience massive sales. Therefore, you need to be sensitive when choosing a business location.

You need places that are accessible, visible, and with enough foot traffic. And the most important thing is to locate your business where your target market can be reached.

4. Obtain Business Licenses And Permits: You will need to obtain business licenses and permits to operate your shoe business. You need to do that through the county council officers.

5. Find A Supplier: At this stage, you have to look out for where to buy wholesale shoes in Kenya. You have to find a reliable one that can supply to you whenever you place an order.

Meanwhile, you should ensure that the shoes are in good condition and good quality. On the other hand, if you are starting as a producer, you have to buy all the raw materials needed and start producing quality shoes.

6. Market Your Business: After the purchase of your shoes or after the production of your shoes, the next step is to start marketing your business.

To start selling your shoes, you have to use a word-of-mouth promotion by telling people about your business. You can also have a signpost in front of your store to let people know that you are into the shoe business.

Also, you need to leverage the internet by running Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads to promote your shoe business.


We believe this article on how to start a shoe business in Kenya is an eye-opener on how you can get started.

It is also advisable to reach out to other shoe dealers to get more information.

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