Everything You Need To Start A Pool Table Business In Kenya

Pool Table Business In Kenya

Recently, the pool table business has been ranked among the most profitable businesses in Kenya which any individual or business-minded person can start.

The social activities in Kenya can’t be complete without the pool table business, and this is what makes this business a lucrative venture.

To illustrate more, as there are more social and cultural activities evolving around Kenya, many people are now looking for recreational activities and games in which they can partake to have fun and socialize with themselves. This, however, presents an opportunity to open a pool table business in a strategic location to reach out to them.

And now, according to our research, the pool table business has become a popular social sport in society.

So if you are looking for ways to start a pool table business, then read on because this article is for you.

Is Pool Table Business Profitable In Kenya?

Having a pool table business can make you a lot of money especially if you are in a good location. Meanwhile, the pool table business remains one of the best entertainment businesses in Kenya.

You can get started today and start earning a daily income. So to sum it up, it is a profitable business in Kenya.

How Much Can A Pool Table Make Per Month In Kenya?

The average earning of a pool table business in Kenya per month is Ksh 30,000 to Ksh 90,000. That is Ksh 1000 to Ksh 3000 daily. Meanwhile, it solely depends on your location.

What Are The Challenges Of Pool Table Business In Kenya?

Every business has its challenges, it can be a big challenge or a minor challenge. What matters most is identifying them and coming up with a strategy to overcome them.

The pool table business isn’t exempted when it comes to encountering challenges.

When you fail to identify a suitable location for your pool table business, you will face the challenge of not getting customers. To overcome this challenge, you need to do proper market research to identify who your target customers are and how to be in line with the market competition. Even how to position yourself to win the market.

What Is The Cost Of Opening A Pool Table Business In Kenya?

Because you will purchase a pool table machine, rent, license, and other miscellaneous, you will need at least Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 250,000 to start a small pool table business in Kenya.

How Do One Start A Pool Table Business?

Here are the steps to start a pool table business:

1. Write A Business Plan: If you want to start a successful pool table business in Kenya and you are planning to start it big then you will need a business plan for a pool table business.

A business plan will guide you through the processes of running your pool table business.

If you cannot write a business plan, many business plan developers can help you to write a strong business plan for a token depending on your capital.

2. Find A Good Location: You need to find a good location if you want to run a profitable pool table business. There are factors to consider when looking for a location for this business.

The first factor is to look out for areas with a youthful population. The second factor is to choose an area that can be easily located.

However, if you meet up with these factors, you can easily attract customers which will make daily profits for your business.

3. Obtain Licenses And Permits: Ensure you meet the license requirements and obtain the needed business license to operate your business confidently.

4. Purchase Your Pool Table Machine And Other Accessories: After finding a good place and fulfilling the license requirements, the next step is to purchase your pool table machine, it can be a second-hand pool table or a brand new one depending on your budget. Then ensure that everything has been put in place.

5. Start Your Pool Table Business: Once everything is set, you can then start your pool table business. Try and reach out to people within the area and let them know about your pool table business.

You can also put a signpost about your business to attract customers.


Starting a pool table business in Kenya is very profitable. It is a business that has the potential to generate daily income when done correctly. Don’t forget to license your business before operation.

Ambassador Victor Chidera
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