Everything You Need To Start A PlayStation Business In Kenya

Playstation Business In Kenya

The Playstation business in Kenya has unveiled a lot of exciting moments and entertainment among the people. And this has made gaming services flourish here in Kenya.

With the rising demand for video games among the youth coupled with the growing population, starting a PlayStation business is an immensely rewarding venture. Moreover, more and more people have an appetite for video gaming services which makes this business a thriving one.

Of course, the gaming services in the country are rapidly increasing due to their profitability. As such, you as an entrepreneur should act very fast to tap into the growing market and create a substantial income for yourself if you truly have passion for this business.

However, without much delay, this article has information on everything you need to start a PlayStation business in Kenya.

How Profitable Is Playstation Business In Kenya?

The PlayStation business is profitable in Kenya and will continue to record outstanding growth due to the love for playing games. Of course, Kenyans love playing games and they wouldn’t mind spending money to play those entertaining games.

And since there is a ready market that we continually patronize you, your profit margins will be high.

What Are The Cost Of Starting A Playstation Business In Kenya?

It is estimated that to start a standard playstation business in Kenya you will need at least Ksh 1 million. With this capital, you will get a suitable location with space for your business, and also hire staff for the day-to-day activities of your playstation business.

How Can I Start A Playstation Business In Kenya?

Here are the steps to start a PlayStation in Kenya:

1. Start With A Detailed Business Plan: The first step to starting a profitable PlayStation business in Kenya is to write a business plan. A solid business plan will guide you through everything you need to turn your venture into a profitable venture.

Typically, a business plan includes details like market analysis, cash flow projections, customer segmentation, competitive analysis, logistics, and operation plans, together with the analysis of long-term growth. All these are prone to improving your chances of success.

To illustrate more, a PlayStation business plan helps you identify some challenges you may face while running your business and possible solutions to prevent or overcome them.

If you can’t develop a strong business plan, you can hire the services of a business plan consultant or writer to offer their services to you.

2. Find A Good Location: Location is very important in this business. Before looking for a space for your PlayStation business, you have to first understand that the location of your PlayStation will determine its level of success.

However, look for spaces that people can easily locate. And it should have tons of foot traffic, especially, in places with a youthful population.

Also, consider locations that are secured for the safety of your equipment and customers as well.

3. Purchase The Needed Equipment: At this stage, you need to purchase the needed tools and equipment to run your PlayStation. You will need to buy the following:

1. TV sets (Plasma TVs)
2. Chairs
3. Game consoles
4. Gamepads
5. Video games
6. Generator set
7. Playstations
8. Fans/Air conditioners
9. Sound system
10. Shelves
11. CCTV cameras

After the purchase of the equipment, you proceed to install the games and equipment and ensure that everything is working perfectly.

4. Obtain Licenses And Permits: Before you can start operating your PlayStation, you will have to visit the right authority and pay for the licenses and permits.

Here are some of the licenses: KAMP, PRISK, and MSCK license. Also, you need to obtain a license from the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB).

5. Start Your Playstation: After securing a good space, purchasing the necessary games and equipment, installing them, and fulfilling all the required licenses and permits, your business is now ready to start operating. Still, you need to take your promotions very seriously to attract clients.


By following the above steps you can start a profitable PlayStation business in Kenya. Be sure to have your license in place before you begin your business.

Ambassador Victor Chidera
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