Everything You Need To Start A Perfume Business In Kenya

Perfume Business In Kenya

Another profitable trending business in Kenya is the perfume business. Interestingly, this business has witnessed significant growth due to individual demands for perfumes across the country. Also contributed to the fact that people want to smell nice with aromatic fragrances.

This has made the use of perfumes to be common among Kenyans which has made it prominent on the list of profitable businesses in Kenya.

Meanwhile, Kenyans love producers or vendors who can supply them with quality perfumes, that’s why if you can meet these requirements then a profitable opportunity awaits you.

So if you can deal with quality perfumes then be it known that you will probably win the hearts of Kenyans and thereby make a lot of sales.

What then is the perfume business all about? read on so that you will get the information on everything you need to start a perfume business in Kenya.

What Are The Types Of Perfume Business In Kenya?

There are 3 major types of perfume business in Kenya:

1. Perfume Producer: This is the type of perfume business that involves the production of your own brand of perfumes. That is to say, you will get all the recipes needed and produce your perfumes.

2. Perfume Wholesaling Business: Being a perfume wholesaler involves buying perfumes from perfume producers and then reselling them for profit.

3. Perfume Retail Business: This is the type of perfume business that involves buying from the wholesaler and selling directly to the end users.

Is Perfume Business Profitable In Kenya?

Over the years the perfume market has experienced exponential growth due to the high demand for perfumes. Of course, perfume is a high-demand and popular product in Kenya. This is characterized by the aim to smell good and have a compliment of having a pleasant smell.

However, this makes the perfume business a profitable venture in Kenya.

Also when done rightly, there is a profit margin of 50% to 90% on each sale of products. So with a good plan and marketing strategy, you can position yourself to be earning constantly through sales and making a profit.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Perfume Business In Kenya?

The Kenyan perfume market is a large and growing market. However, with as little as Ksh 5000 to Ksh 20,000 you can start a small perfume business.

On the other hand, it will cost as high as Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 500,000 to start a large-scale perfume business in Kenya.

How Do I Start A Perfume Business In Kenya?

Below are the steps to start a perfume business in Kenya:

1. Decide The Type Of Perfume Business You Want To Start: We outlined 3 ways how to start a perfume business which are perfume production, perfume wholesaling, and perfume retailing business.

So depending on the one you are driven by passion to start or based on your capital, you can determine the type of perfume business to start with.

2. Conduct A Market Research: Before starting a perfume business in Kenya, it is very important to conduct market research to have an understanding of the Kenyan perfume market.

3. Develop A Business Plan: A Business plan is very important in every business and the perfume business is not excluded. A good business plan outlines the important elements to help you succeed in your perfume business.

It outlines components such as target market, competition, pricing, product range, financial projections, and marketing strategies.

However, endeavor to make it available either by yourself or by hiring the service of a business plan writer.

4. Register Your Brand And Acquire Licenses: This step is mandatory if you want to go into the perfume-producing business. As such, you will need to brand your perfumes and acquire a license in order to operate fully.

Registering your brand ensures the running of your business legitimately without interference or embarrassment from anyone since it is operating legally.

5. For Wholesalers And Retailers You Have To Source Your Products: As a wholesaler, you can source your perfume from the producers and then supply it to retailers. Then as a retailer, you buy from the wholesalers.

6. Market Your Products: Once everything is in place, the next step is to market your product and serve the market. The market is very competitive as this is the major challenge of starting a perfume business in Kenya. But you can still stand out by offering high-quality products.

Then use word of mouth through samples to market your product. You can also run an advert on Facebook and Instagram to promote your product.


In this article, we have presented you with everything you need to start a perfume business in Kenya including the required capital. We strongly believe that this article will be useful and helpful to you.

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