Everything You Need To Start A Boutique Business In Kenya

Boutique Business In Kenya

Are you interested in opening a boutique business in Kenya? In this article, we have provided everything you need to start a boutique business, including startup capital. So read on to widen your knowledge on the required steps.

If you can deal with the right audience then setting up a boutique store will be a profitable venture for you.

The fashion sense of Kenyans has made the boutique business to experience significant growth over the years. It becomes evidence that the boutique business thrives well in Kenya. Of course, with fashion sense & consciousness both the middle class and the rich, including everybody cravcraves wear.

People are now seeking to upgrade their wear to the latest trends. Meanwhile, all these do not make this business only profitable, but it has made it a good business to invest in Kenya.

So let’s roll with the information about the boutique business in Kenya.

Is Boutique Business Profitable In Kenya?

Yes, the boutique business is very profitable in Kenya for many reasons.

One of the reasons is that Kenya is a country with more than 50 million citizens and loves fashion so much. So depending on the area you are starting your boutique business, it can be quite profitable.

For instance, some areas in Nairobi have high customer patronage most especially for ladies’ wear which ranges from good clothing, accessories, and shoes. Therefore, if you set up a boutique that deals in ladies’ wear in such a location, it amounts to a successful and profitable venture.

What Are The Reasons To Start A Boutique Business In Kenya?

Here are the reasons to start a boutique business in Kenya:

1. A boutique business is a high-income business when done rightly.
2. Your goods (clothes and accessories) can be stored for a long time. That is to say that, your stock is not perishable.
3. There is a ready market.
4. You have the opportunity to sell both ladies’ and males’ wear thereby increasing profit.
5. And lastly, a boutique business is not a seasonal business.

How Much Will It Cost To Open A Boutique In Kenya?

You can start a boutique business in Kenya with an average budget of Ksh 100,000 on a small scale. Then if you want to go for a medium-scale boutique business, you should budget at least Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 1 million.

The good news remains that with less than Ksh 100,000 you can still start a boutique business.

How Do One Start An Online Boutique In Kenya?

Below are ways of starting an online boutique in Kenya:

First of all, choose a niche you will focus on, it can be ladies’ wear, men’s wear, children’s wear, or a combination.

Create a business plan for how you are going to run your online boutique.

Now look for a supplier that can supply the goods. Meanwhile, you can run it as a dropshipping. Or you run it connectively with your offline boutique.

Create an online boutique website that bears the name of your boutique. Design it and add a featured image of the products you are selling.

Create a social media page like Facebook page, TikTok, and Instagram. With these pages, you can run an advert to reach more people and get potential customers.

Once customers make an order, you get their goods delivered to them.

With these steps, you can start an online boutique in Kenya.

What Are The Steps To Start A Boutique Business In Kenya?

Let’s explore the steps on how to start a boutique business in Kenya:

1. Do A Market Research: When starting a boutique business in Kenya the first thing to do is to conduct market research. In case you don’t know, good market research will help you identify some gaps in the boutique business and ways how to fill in the gaps and make a lot of money.

Also, through market research, you can identify the competition, and target market, understand what sells fast, and marketing strategies.

All these are essential parts of starting a boutique business and are also known as the foundation of the business. However, when you get it wrong at this stage, it will affect your business in the long run.

2. Choose A Niche: After your market research, the next step is to choose an area of specialization. There are various available options when it comes to starting a boutique business in Kenya. We have ladies’ wear, children’s wear, and men’s wear.

So choosing the type of boutique business you want to start selling depends on the one that moves fast in the location you want to establish your business. Meanwhile, your market research will help you make the right decision.

3. Choose A Good Location: In all things, don’t make mistake in choosing a location. This is because location is paramount for the success of your business.

When choosing a location, look for busy areas where your target markets are. Also, consider factors like the size of the store, will it accommodate your goods? Can it fit into what you have in mind?

These are the questions to ask yourself before choosing a location. Once you get a good location, then congratulations, you are already closer to opening your boutique.

4. Obtain Licenses And Permits: For you to operate your boutique business with confidence without the fear of legal issues, then you have to obtain business licenses and permits. Do that from the right authority in your location.

5. Stock Your Shop: Now that you have secured a good location and must have fulfilled the legal requirements, is now time to buy your goods and stock your shop.

Check out wholesale markets where you can buy your goods. Meanwhile, if you have enough capital you can decide to buy directly from importers. Once you purchase your goods, you proceed to stock your shop and do the inventory.

6. Promote Your Boutique: You can start promoting your boutique by having a signpost that bears the name of your boutique and the type of goods you sell.

Also, you can create social media pages and advertise your business online (you can follow the method we aforementioned on how to start an online boutique in Kenya).


That’s it on how to start a boutique business in Kenya. Don’t forget that conducting market research, having a good marketing strategy, and having good customer service are the key requirements to running a profitable boutique business.

Ambassador Victor Chidera
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