Everything You Need To Start A Daycare Business In Kenya

Daycare Business In Kenya

In Kenya, the importance of daycare services cannot be underestimated. Of course, Kenya is a country that values early childhood education, for this reason, starting a trustworthy daycare business will be a rewarding venture for you.

Nowadays, parents have understood and recognized why children’s services are very important for a child, and since then, their demand has grown tremendously.

Beyond helping the parents to focus more on their careers, starting a daycare business has a lot of societal impact as it lays a strong educational foundation for the kids and prepares them for the future right from a younger age.

So in this article, we are going to uncover the required steps on how to start a daycare business in Kenya. After going through them you will get the knowledge on how you can establish yours.

Is Daycare Business Profitable In Kenya?

Yes, the daycare business is profitable in Kenya because of the high rate of children being born, and the need for a daycare service to cater to the children due to busy schedules.

So positioning your daycare business well to meet those needs can make you a lot of profit. However, starting a daycare business in Kenya is an operational way of rendering your services to children and making money simultaneously.

Also, the daycare business has lots of profitability as this venture has lots of potential to unleash while operating it.

How Much Can A Daycare Business Make In Kenya?

Though it can’t be estimated if the daycare is in a good location and offers quality services to the children, then it has the potential to generate Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 500,000 per term.

What Is The Cost Of Starting A Daycare Business In Kenya?

Starting a daycare business is a rewarding venture and to determine the cost of starting a daycare business in Kenya you have to consider things like licensing, rents, staffing, salary, tools & equipment, and advertising budget.

With these factors in mind, you should budget at least Ksh 250,000 to start a daycare business in Kenya.

What Are The Requirements To Start A Daycare Business In Kenya?

Here are the requirements to start a daycare business in Kenya:

1. Market Research: Opening a decare business starts with market research. You have to identify what the parents require for the care of their children.

Also, you have to identify the competition and marketing strategies. Endeavor to have a basic understanding of the market before you think of opening a daycare center.

2. Business Plan: Another requirement of starting a daycare business is creating and developing a business plan. A well-developed business plan will outline all the things you need to run your daycare business successfully.

3. Location: You need to identify a good location that has enough space for your daycare establishment. There are two ways to do this, either you rent a space or you buy one. So it depends on your budget.

Also, when choosing a location you have to consider the safety of the environment and let it be by the law.

4. Licenses And Permits: Licenses and permits are important requirements to fulfill before starting a daycare business. However, you need to obtain licenses and permits like a fire safety certificate, single business permit, and public health permit. You have to also ensure that your daycare center is insured.

5. Equipment And Furnishing: Whether you are starting a small daycare business or large scale, it is very important to make available the necessary tools and equipment like child-sized furniture, outdoor play equipment, computers, tables, educational books, and even diapers.

6. Staffs: To hire staff depends on the scale of your daycare center. And don’t hire anyhow persons. You have to hire with careful investigation to ensure that you hire a reliable staff without any trace of criminality or child abuse.

7. Marketing: The most important thing in business is getting customers, and clients and making a profit. However, this can be achieved through your level of marketing. You have to put up signposts and share flyers. If possible, be involved in newspaper radio, and television adverts.

These are the 7 most important requirements to start a daycare business in Kenya. Remember to do a feasibility study before opening your daycare.

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