Requirements To Start A Charcoal Business In Ghana

Charcoal Business In Ghana

One way you can make money as a Ghanaian today is by running a charcoal business. As a result, Charcoal is a very important source of fuel, and people who run charcoal businesses make a decent amount of money regularly.

However, one mistake some people make in Ghana is that they run into starting a charcoal business without learning the ins and outs of how the business works. While some start by setting their charcoal business in a bad location, others buy from the wrong charcoal suppliers who end up selling low-quality charcoal to them.

It is one thing to run a charcoal business and it is another thing to run it the right way.

This is why in this article we’ll tell you everything you need to know before starting your own charcoal business in Ghana, from the requirements of starting the business to the cost of starting it, its benefits, as well as its level of profitability.

What Are The Opportunities In Charcoal Business In Ghana?

The following are the opportunities in the charcoal business:

1. Charcoal Wholesaling Business: This is the type of charcoal business that involves buying charcoals in bulk from suppliers and then supplying them to retailers or local traders.

2. Charcoal Exportation Business: Another opportunity in the charcoal business in Ghana is becoming a charcoal exporter. You can explore the international market by fulfilling the requirements and exporting charcoals from Ghana to other countries.

3. Producer Or Supplier: This is another option for starting a charcoal business in Ghana by producing charcoals and supplying them to the wholesalers or the markets.

4. Charcoal Retailing Business: As a charcoal retailer, you buy from the wholesaler and then sell to the final consumers.

5. Starting As A Middleman: This category involves acting as a middleman between the producer and the retailers/consumers, and at the same time making your profit.

What Do I Need To Know About The Charcoal Export Business In Ghana?

1. The international selling price of charcoal ranges from $200 to $700 per ton.

2. Charcoal prices are usually calculated in metric tonnes.

3. The sale of charcoals to international buyers has profit margins of 30% to over 100%.

4. The charcoal export business is very lucrative due to the wide use of charcoals for the production of cosmetics and toothpaste.

Is Charcoal Business Profitable In Ghana?

You might be wondering if the charcoal business is a profitable venture. Well, of a truth, the charcoal business is very lucrative even more than you can imagine.

The reason is because of the high demand for charcoals in Ghana and the international market.

As of 2020, it was recorded that roughly 2 million metric tons of wood charcoals were produced in Ghana. What more of this year?

Meanwhile, the population of Ghana is still growing and the demand for charcoals is still increasing. This presents a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to tap into the market as there is no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Moreover, as you are contributing to the sustainable development of the Ghanaian economy through the charcoal business most especially the exportation of charcoal, you are also reaping the rewards of the thriving market.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Charcoal Business In Ghana?

Charcoal business is among the businesses you can start with a minimum of 1,000 to 2,000 Ghana cedis. However, if you intend to gain more profit your capital determines it. Because the higher the capital invested the higher the profit.

What Are The Required Steps To Start A Charcoal Business In Ghana?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to start a charcoal business in Ghana:

1. Research The Market: Before starting a charcoal business in Ghana, you have to first understand the charcoal industry. You have to know the latest trends, challenges, and strategies that other dealers are using to get customers and make sales.

Also, you have to determine the type of charcoal business you want to start with and the mode of operation.

2. Develop A Business Plan: A Business plan is very important for any business. However, your business plan should include buying, transporting, and selling your charcoals.

It should give a clear view and plan of how to do the buying of charcoals, transporting the charcoals, and selling of the charcoals. This will give you an insight into how to run your business successfully.

3. Look For A Good Location: It is very important to identify places where your charcoal business can thrive. You need a good location where people will see you very easily and know that you are into the business.

Also, know that your chosen location will serve as a space where you will store your charcoals and it should be cool and free from water.

4. Get Suppliers: As you are looking for a supplier, ensure you get a reliable supplier who will supply you at a good price not just a good price but who also supplies high-quality charcoals.

5. Find A Means Of Transportation: Before this, you have to first obtain licenses and permits to avoid being confiscated by the law enforcers. With this license/permit, you will now be able to transport your charcoals freely.

Meanwhile, you need a trusted/reliable/experienced transporter for the transporting of your charcoals.

6. Market Your Charcoals: There are different means of promoting your charcoal business. It can be online through running ads, e-commerce stores & posting on your timeline, or offline by showing samples to local markets, neighborhoods, and friends.


These are step-by-step guides on how you can start a charcoal business in Ghana.

However, you need to be observant and careful so that suppliers don’t supply you with low-quality charcoals, because low-quality charcoals are equal to loss.

And finally, simply visit the suppliers or sellers to make your purchase rather than an online transaction.

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