Business Administration Jobs In Ghana And Salaries

Business Administration Jobs In Ghana

In Ghana today, there is a high demand for individuals who are skilled in various professions and different industries. This is a result of the need to employ the right persons in the right positions to achieve maximum results.

One of such individuals are business administrators who work in the business administration industry.

The primary role of this set of people is to plan the budget of an organization, handle its finances, hire or reorganize its staff, and plan its business operations strategies, among others.

Provided these individuals have the necessary educational qualifications or skills and experience required of a business administrator, they are more likely to get hired by companies.

If this is something you can do, then this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the business administration jobs in Ghana.

Who Is A Business Administrator?

A business administrator is responsible for the administration of a commercial enterprise. The responsibility of a business administrator involves overseeing and supervising the day-to-day activities or operations of an organization.

Also, a business administrator covers the fields of management like finance, data analysis, marketing, office building administration, designing, sales, accounting, research and development, quality assurance, development, project management, communication studies, and information technology management.

What Can I Become If I Study Business Administration In Ghana?

Business administration is among the most popular degrees in Ghana. As business plays an important role in the economic development of the country, there is a need for business administrator to offer their services which range from finances to human resources, revenues, operations, and customer services to grow and expand the enterprise.

However, after studying and acquiring a business administration degree, there are a lot of professions you can partake in, and some of the professions are manager, secretary, business consultant, marketer, financial officer, etc.

Additionally, you can work in any industry be it consulting, banking, advertising, businesses, manufacturing, and many others.

What Is Business Administration Course All About In Ghana?

The business administration course teaches notions such as decision-making, project management, allocation of human resources, and finances in line with organizational policies, goals, and procedures.

Also, business administration courses in Ghana inculcate the idea of production and planning. It also emphasizes the process of establishing a business, organizing, operating, and managing a business enterprise.

Therefore, the business administration course helps you understand the importance of business management and its relationship to Ghana’s economy, and the ideas to operate and manage a business effectively.

Can A Business Administrator Work In A Bank?

Yes, a business administrator can work in a bank. When it comes to banking works, there are diverse opportunities for business administrators and some of these opportunities are marketing, accounting, and customer services. It now depends on where your career falls in.

How Much Can I Earn As A Business Administrator In Ghana?

As a business administrator in Ghana, you typically earn around GHC800 to GHC5,000. The lowest that has been recorded so far was GHC700 while the highest is GHC7,600.

Furthermore, business administration jobs and salary is varies based on location, gender, skills, and experience.

On a pay scale comparison, 65% of business administrators earn GHC800 to GHC2500, while 20% earn less than GHC800.

And lastly, 5% of business administrators in Ghana earn more than GHC7,600. However, the minimum salary is GHC800, the median is GHC2500 to 7,600, while the highest salary is GHC7,600 and more.

More so, your level of experience is another important factor that can determine how much you can earn as a business administrator in Ghana.

Certainly, the more years of experience you have the higher the wage. For instance, an employee with less than 2 years of experience is likely to earn GHC800, while an employee with 3 to 5 years of experience is likely to earn GHC2500 or more.

Then someone with 10 to 20 years of experience can get a salary equivalent to GHC7,600 and above.

What Are The Business Administration Jobs In Ghana?

There are a variety of business administration job opportunities in Ghana. Below are the major business administration jobs that exist in the Ghanaian zone:

1. General Manager: The most popular business administration job in Ghana is the general manager. A general manager has the overall responsibility for managing the revenue of a company. He manages both the profit and loss of an enterprise.

As a general manager, your job role is to plan, delegate, coordinate, organize, and make decisions for the growth of the organization.

2. Personal Assistant: The personal assistant provides services like answering phone calls, scheduling meetings, taking notes, texting, and emailing. He/she also helps with correspondence and with time and daily management tasks.

As a personal assistant in an organization, you regularly act as the manager’s first point of contact. This means that you can depute for the manager, and often make decisions and delegate work to others in the absence of the manager by his instruction.

3. Office Receptionist: This is another business administration job in Ghana that is very important in an organization. The role of an office receptionist is to receive visitors in an organization, welcome them, and give them direction.

They also receive and sort daily mail, screening and forwarding incoming phone calls.

4. Secretary: A secretary plays a supportive role where they are employed to carry out a variety of administrative tasks. The duties of the secretary vary according to the nature of the company and size.

Nevertheless, these duties can come in the form of bookkeeping, managing budgets, preparing expense reports, handling visitors, event planning, and attending telephone calls.

Another variety of duties that may be performed by the secretary are writing memoranda, program evaluation, conducting research, handling public relations tasks, maintaining office systems, and office procurements.

5. Executive Assistant: The job description of an executive assistant is working with executive leaders of a company and handling all executive-related administrative needs like replying to correspondence, answering phone calls, and scheduling appointments.

In layman’s terms, they manage the communications and schedules of key company executives.

6. Front Desk Officer: A front desk officer has the responsibility of taking care of guests and customers. Their main responsibility involves assisting in organizing work documents, and firm logistics, and also interacting with business partners or customers both in person or through phone calls.

A front desk officer should be professional because they are the first point of contact for all customers of a business.

7. Facility Manager: The job role of a facility officer is to provide control and supervise activities like waste disposal, parking space allocation, and building security.

They also ensure the upkeep of equipment and supplies.

8. Customer Relations Officer: The primary job duty of the customer relations officer is to handle the concerns of the people who patronize their company’s products or services. Their main duty is to rectify issues faced by the customers and as well as improving the organization’s overall customer satisfaction ratings.

Additionally, they assist individuals by answering their questions and providing the resources they need to satisfy them.

9. Administrative Officer: Administrative officer also known as “admin officer” provides administrative support to an organization. Their primary job is to organize company records, oversee department budgets, and maintain the inventory of office supplies.

10. School Manager: A school manager is responsible for taking care of the day-to-day functions and activities of the school. Meanwhile, the administrative role of the school manager is to plan, organize, direct, supervise, and evaluate the activities that happen within the school.

11. Finance & Administration Assistant: This is a business administration job in Ghana in which the responsibility is to assist the financial management team with budget planning, expense analysis, and credit control processes. They assist in financial and administration matters.

12. Medical Sales Representative: As a medical sales representative your job is to identify strategies to increase the size of the company’s products (pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment).

Your job role also involves arranging meetings with medical professionals, presenting the company’s product, and negotiating pricing to close sales.

Additionally, a medical sales representative investigates and resolves customers’ complaints.

13. Business Development Officer: The role of a business development officer is to help organizations experience financial growth and obtain better brand recognition. They achieve this by working strategically with the sales management and prospecting for new clients which helps to grow the organization.

Also, know that another name for a business development officer is known as “business development manager”.

14. Facilities & Office Coordinator: A facility and office coordinator is responsible for the facilities and office management. They ensure that the office buildings are secure, accommodating, and environmentally friendly for their customers.

15. Head Of Business Operations: Head of business operations is a professional responsible for the operational activities of a business and ensuring workforce productivity.

They typically oversee the day-to-day business functions such as human resources, office management, parking, and IT.

16. Administrative Supervisor: Another business administration job opportunity in Ghana is the administrative supervisor. Their role is to ensure the smooth operation of the organization by conducting and supervising the activities of the clerical and administrative support staff.

Their role may also involve hiring, training, and evaluating staff.

17. Business Assistant: A business assistant is responsible for basic accounting, ordering, supplies, managing calls, preparing correspondence, scheduling appointments, and coordinating the use of office space.

Generally, they support various office functions to ensure the efficient and smooth running of the organization.

18. Registrar: A registrar is responsible for updating and maintaining records or registers. As a registrar, your duties are to manage records, schedule meetings/classes, and oversee registration and enrollment processes.

Most importantly, the registrar is accountable to the head.

19. Office Assistant: An office assistant is responsible for overseeing clerical tasks like sorting and sending mail. Their duties include organizing files, scheduling appointments, tracking deadlines, maintaining project files, and assisting with administrative work.

20. Dean Of School: Dean of school is one popular business administration job that requires academic, programmatic, managerial, and fiscal school responsibilities.

Deans monitor academic integrity and performance and are also responsible for student admission, recruitment, and academic progress. To sum it up, they supervise and oversee the development of the school.

21. Customer Service Representative: Customer service representatives provide assistance and advice to customers or people who use or intend to buy/use the company’s product or services.

Customer service is a department in an organization where people/customers go to seek advice and guidance or even lay complaints about a product or service. However, as a customer service representative, your duties are to manage incoming calls and provide introductory information to new customers and customer service inquiries.

22. Assistant General Manager: An Assistant general manager is someone who helps the general manager in performing administrative duties and helps in overall coordination. In some cases, the assistant general manager oversees the business day to day activities, performance, and operations, and then reports directly to the general manager.

23. Managing Director: A managing director is known as the highest-ranking professional charged with the management of an organization. They supervise and manage all the company’s operations including people and ventures to maintain and grow the company’s revenue.

24. Female Spa Receptionist: As a female spy receptionist, your responsibility is to welcome and assist clients, manage appointments, handle phone calls, and also ensure the overall efficiency of the spa’s front desk operations.

Additionally, they manage the spa appointment book and scheduling system.

25. Account Assistant: The accounting assistant is responsible for supplying administrative support to accountants by undertaking clerical tasks such as preparing budgets and records, processing payments and invoices, and handling accounts.

26. Hostel Supervisors: The duties of the hostel supervisor are to screen the school inventory on various hostel floors and rooms, assist in the management of the day-to-day administration of respective halls, and ensure discipline in the hostels.

27. Admission Officer: An admission officer is also known as an “enrollment officer”. They evaluate student applications to colleges, or other educational institutions and decide whether to admit them. Generally, they determine admissibility and analyze the student’s admission and recruitment to enhance operations.

28. Assistant Registrar: As an assistant registrar, you will be responsible for helping the registrar organize and administrate records, and updating information.

29. Confidential Secretary: Confidential secretaries are among the forefronts of business administration jobs in Ghana. The duties of the confidential secretary are to provide administrative and clerical support such as writing letters, taking minutes, following dictated instructions, taking phone calls, making business travel arrangements, preparing confidential reports, and transcribing documents.

30. Regional Coordinators: The regional coordinator manages and oversees the administrative tasks of an organization in a specific geographic region. They gather data, conduct research and analysis, organize conferences, and maintain records and data.

Also, they manage and coordinate the activities of the sales representative at the regional level.

31. Sales Executive: As a sales executive you will be responsible for setting annual sales goals of the organization and making sure that the goals will be achieved with the assistance of the sales associates & sales manager.

The job is based on helping the organization to drive a business forward through selling its service or products to customers.

32. Employees Relations Officer: Also known as “employees relations specialist” is a kind of business administration job that involves working at a strategic and operational level to develop and maintain trust between the organization and its employees.

As an employee relations officer, you develop, schedule, and conduct interpersonal skills training to improve employees’ performance.

33. Human Resources Business Partner: A human resources business partner plays an important role in handling everything from hiring to aligning an organization’s people strategy with their business strategy. Their main role is to build the people’s and organization’s capability to achieve business objectives.

34. Territory Development Officer: The territory development officer is involved in the selling of companies’ products or services to clients and customers. They implement the company’s overall sales strategy by executing daily sales and assigning some tasks to the sales team to actualize sales targets.

35. Retail Marketer: As a retail marketer, your job is to come up with strategies that will create awareness and increase the sales of the company’s product. The retail marketer uses strategies and techniques to drive awareness to get customers to buy their products or services. This can be achieved through various channels of distribution.

36. Human Resource Generalist: The human resource generalist ensures that the employees follow all the organization’s policies and procedures. They also ensure that employees maintain accurate employee records.

Additionally, they may cover job roles like hiring, talent attraction, training, and development.

37. Procurement Officer: Job description of a procurement officer involves assessing products, evaluating supply and services, approving products, maintaining relationships with vendors/suppliers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that purchases are of high quality.

38. Project Management Officer: A project management officer is one who is responsible for overseeing business projects and ensuring that the business projects are completed within budget and on time.

39. Customer Relationship Management Specialist: The short form is “CRM Specialist”. As a customer relationship management specialist, you are responsible for developing and implementing tactics to improve customer engagement, customer loyalty, and retention.

Other job duties involve managing the company’s customer database and analyzing company data to identify insights and trends.

40. Junior Recruiter: Junior recruiter sets up interviews and keeps track of the job applicants that are best suited for the position. They play an important role in ensuring that the right candidate for the job is chosen.

Other job duties of the junior recruiter involve posting job opportunities online or offline, screening resumes, scheduling interviews, and conducting background tests.

41. Visa Officer: The job description of the visa officers is providing administrative support to the visa department, managing visa application processes, ensuring compliance with regulations, providing guidance to clients on visa application, verifying the authenticity of documents and paperwork and tracking visa application status and giving updates.

42. Medical Secretary: The main functions of the medical secretary are performing check-in, under supervision, checkout procedures, answering office phones, managing medical diaries, typing and correcting errors in patient forms, and creating and managing medical databases.

43. Support Staff: The support staff are responsible for providing assistance and support to an organization. They perform a wide range of tasks like customer service, technical support, and ensuring the smooth running of an organization by supporting employees and customers.

44. Healthcare Manager: Healthcare managers are responsible for overseeing the administration of healthcare systems.

They also have job roles like supervising and conducting the scheduling, recruitment, hiring, and training of staff in the health department and lecturing them about the use of facilities.

In addition, they ensure that the services offered will benefit both the patient and the staff allowing maximum efficiency.

45. Strategic Operations Officers: Their job role and description involves executing and overseeing the daily administrative activities of the organization.

To sum it up, they are responsible for developing, maintaining, and improving the operation of a business.

46. Planning Officer: This is another important business administration job in Ghana that is in high demand. The planning officer is responsible for identifying community needs and then developing a short-term or long-term strategy to grow and revitalize the area.

As a planning officer, you assist the head in planning, developing, implementing, and monitoring the strategies and business plan, and ensuring everything works as planned.

47. Chief Operating Officer: One of the most paying business administration jobs in Ghana is the chief operating officer. The chief operating officer also known as ” COO” is responsible for execution and overseeing the daily operations of an organization.

After the CEO, you get the COO. Meanwhile, the COO is known as the CEO’s right-hand person.

48. Administration And Logistics Officer: The job description of an administration and logistics officer are implementation of administrative and logistics activities. They also ensure that all project administrative activities are carried out effectively.

49. Administrative And Finance Associate: The administrative and finance associate is responsible for delivering quality services in administration, human resources, and finance to internal and external clients, ensuring they master all the relevant rules, policies, and procedures.

Furthermore, they also prepare and monitor the administrative budget and ensure that all financial transactions are followed effectively.

50. Back Office Executive: The responsibilities of the back office executive are to provide administrative and managerial support for the main staff working in the front of the organization.

Other job roles involve performing market research, processing company receipts, bills, and invoices, and assisting and supporting the management.


These are the top 50 business administration jobs in Ghana. And as a business administrator, you have the opportunity to work in any organization. What matters most is you have the skills to work with the organization and deliver an exceptional service.

Finally, your years of experience can play a vital role in how much you can earn as a business administrator.

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