List Of 10 Best Business University In Ghana

Best Business University In Ghana

Education they say is the best legacy and one of the necessities needed by humans to thrive in this 21st century be it in its formal or informal form.

Also, in today’s world, businesses are being created at a very fast pace with their increasing numbers contributing largely to the world economy but then the high rate of failure of these new businesses has become an issue in recent times. This is why a lot of people in Ghana have resorted to attending a business higher institution where they can acquire relevant knowledge and be awarded degrees in business-related courses.

However, if you reside in Ghana or you have an interest in studying in Ghana and you wish to acquire knowledge about business administration or management as well as be conferred with a corresponding degree, then this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll provide a breakdown of some of the best business universities in Ghana.

Which University Is Best For A Business Student In Ghana?

The best university for business students in Ghana is the University of Ghana Business School (UGBS) which offers the MSC International Business Programme for students to develop a successful career in global and local sector organizations, international multilateral and bilateral organizations, and also offers careers in management consultancy.

This university is best for a business student who wants to be successful in the domestic and international environment.

How Many Years Does It Take To Study Business In Ghana?

When it comes to studying business in Ghana, business administration courses are the most important courses to be picked from as a career choice, even when quite several polytechnics or universities offer business administration, it is still better to know which university offers your choice of course and how many years it will take to study the business course.

However, the study years depend. For example, the study of banking and finance in Ghana universities takes at least 4 years.

What Are The List Of 10 Best Business University In Ghana?

Here are the top 10 business universities in Ghana according to Google Algorithm:

1. University Of Ghana Business School: The University of Ghana Business School which is formerly known as the School of Administration is one of the top universities in Ghana for studying business.

Before 2004, the University of Ghana Business School had only four departments. Then after 2004, it was departmentalized into six departments such as finance, accounting, organization and human resource management, marketing and entrepreneurship, operations and management information systems, and public administration and health management.

This business school is located in Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana.

2. Nobel International Business School: Also known as NiBs, is a business school in Ghana located in Accra, Ghana, and it ranks high for its business and administration programs. NiBs offers Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) which is affiliated with SBS Swiss Business School.

Meanwhile, NiBs was founded to make a new kind of educational system designed to meet the needs of executives.

Additionally, one of the visions of Noble International Business School is to be recognized as the leading practice-orientated research business school that educates, trains, and develops business professionals and leaders throughout their careers.

3. Gimpa Business School: Gimpa Business School is one of the top business schools in Ghana. They are committed to providing training, research, and a high-quality education to help you develop business knowledge and skills to succeed in the business world.

Also, they provide high-quality business and management education, knowledge development, and application. Their vision is to be a center of excellence in the development and application of business management and entrepreneurial knowledge.

However, GIMPA business school is located at JRP2 + 5ZQ Legion Bypass, Accra, Ghana.

Finally, some of its departments are the Department of Accounting and Finance, the Department of Business Management, and the Department of Management Science.

4. Wisconsin International University College, Ghana: Wisconsin International University College, Ghana is located at Agbogba Junction near Kwabenya in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana. And it was founded in 1998.

One of the amazing programs the Wisconsin International University offers is “School of Business” which involves Accounting options, Banking and Finance options, HRM options, Marketing options, and BSC. Accounting.

5. KNUST School Of Business (KSB): The KSB is Ghana’s top-ranking university that has been producing business leaders. It is both for undergraduate and graduate degrees, and it has served more than 2,400 postgraduate students and over 4,000 undergraduate students.

The KNUST School of Business (KSB) is located in Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana.

Given the demand for business programs, KNUST School of Business offers value-laden and market-driven programs aimed at producing graduates with creative, innovative, leadership, and entrepreneurial competencies to drive sustainable success in the business world.

6. Nduom School Of Business And Technology: Nduom School of Business and Technology are emerging tertiary institution in Ghana with very unique architecture that enhances and promotes a conducive academic atmosphere for studies in business, science, and technology.

NSBT has the Department of Business and Management, and the Department of Business and Technology that is designed so that graduates have the tools they need to excel in the business world.

Nduom School of Business and Technology is located in Komenda, Ghana.

7. University College Of Management Studies (UCOMS): The University College of Management Studies is one of the best business universities in Ghana. It is a private university college located in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana.

Meanwhile, the University College of Management Studies is affiliated with the School of Business of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, and the University of Education Winneba, Kumasi Campus.

UCOMS offers degree programs in Business Administration which include Accounting, Banking and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, and Procurement and Supply Chain Management. It also offers a Diploma in Business Administration.

8. Business Management And Financial Institute: Another best business university in Ghana is the Business Management and Financial Institute (Accra Campus), located in Accra Ghana CP and Dansoman Junction.

They offer courses like Management, International Business, Accounting and Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Communication Technology, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management, Diploma in Business Administration, Water Management, Hospitality, Purchasing and Supply, etc.

Meanwhile, if you want a high-quality business education in Ghana, then the “Business Management and Financial Institute” should be the best option.

9. GCTU Business School: GCTU Business School focuses on developing technology-orientated business programs to meet national and global needs through research, teaching, and knowledge transfer.

GCTU Business School is a university located in Accra, Ghana. It offers programs such as BSC. Business Administration (Banking and Finance), BSC. Business Administration (Accounting option), BSC. Accounting with Computing, and DIP. Business Administration (Accounting option).

10. Accra Business School: Accra Business School also known as “ABS” is also another best business university in Ghana. As an internationally orientated institution, its core strategic objective is to give Ghanaians the opportunity to partake in its prestige international qualifications.

Also, it offers internationally recognized programs like postgraduate, undergraduate, and professional programs.

When it comes to a postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, it has six areas Entrepreneurship, General Management, International Business, Human Resource Management, Project Management, and Marketing Management.

The undergraduate program offers International Finance, International Procurement, International Project Management, International Marketing, and International Human Resource Management. And finally, International Operations Management and International Accounting.

The Accra Business School is located in Basket Junction near Pleasant Place Church, Spintex Road, Spintex, Accra Ghana.

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