10 Weekly Income Business In Nigeria

As a result of the poor state of the Nigerian economy, the low standard of living, and the need to cater for one’s needs as soon as possible, many Nigerians would rather start a business that they can earn from weekly rather than one they can earn from monthly, bimonthly or even quarterly.

But are there actually businesses that generate income weekly in Nigeria? Yes there are.

Businesses like POS (point of sale) payment service, laundry business, car wash business, affiliate marketing, transportation business, content writing, graphic designing, phone/laptop repair business, among others, in Nigeria can fetch you income every week. This is because these businesses are in high demand, as such, the more you offer a service, produce or buy and sell, the more request you get from customers.

For instance, people wear clothes everyday and because they are too busy to wash them, they’ll need the services of a laundry. The same applies to the ones that drive cars everyday but are too busy to find time to wash them, they’ll require the services of a car wash.

In this article, we’ve provided a list of weekly income businesses in Nigeria with detailed explanation on what they entail, how you can start them, and how you can succeed while doing them.

What Is A Weekly Income Business In Nigeria?

A weekly income business is known to be any business that has the potential to generate daily and weekly income revenue to the owner. In a layman’s terms, for a business to be tagged as a weekly income business, it must be capable of generating income weekly and even daily.

What Are The Weekly Income Business In Nigeria?

Starting and running a successful weekly income business in Nigeria can either be done online or offline. Here are some of these businesses that can be done offline:

Offline Weekly Income Business In Nigeria

1. POS Business

The POS (Point of Sale) business is a type of business that involves individuals providing agent banking services. i.e services that would have originally been provided in the bank getting provided by average individuals on the street known as agent. These services range from making purchases to withdrawing cash, making payments through credit or debit cards, among others.

If you decide to run a POS business in Nigeria, you can make profit as an agent from the fees that are charged to customers who make transactions like withdrawal, money transfer, airtime purchase, etc.

Some of the things you need to start and run a successful POS business include:

  • A good start-up capital
  • A POS machine
  • A good location
  • A strong internet connection
  • An initial cash float
  • Money to cover other expenses

2. Car Wash Business

Car wash business is another offline weekly income you can start in Nigeria. It involves washing the interiors or both interiors and exteriors of people’s cars in exchange for an agreed amount of money.

A survey carried out by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics shows that over 11 million cars were in use in Nigeria. This shows that there is a high number of cars in the country as well as the potential the car wash industry has for businessmen.

To start and run a successful car wash business in Nigeria, simply:

  • Conduct a market survey and create a business plan
  • Rent a land or space
  • Get the necessary car wash equipment
  • Market your business to get customers

3. Transportation Business

Just as its name implies, this form of offline weekly income business involves moving people and goods from one place to another. From the regular danfo buses and mini buses (korope) carrying people to and fro from work.

The capital required to start a transportation business in Nigeria depends largely on the type of transportation business you want to start. To start one, however, you would need to:

  • Draft a good business plan
  • Get the needed capital
  • Buy or rent a vehicle
  • Register your vehicle with government agencies
  • Start driving or hire someone to the driving

4. Laundry Business

This kind of business involves washing and ironing people’s clothes or additional items like rug carpets, curtains, bed sheets, etc, in exchange for money. It also involves the washing and drying of other fashion items like bags, boots or sneakers. One major advantage of laundry business in Nigeria is that it is a low risk business and it can also be done part-time and full-time.

Some of the things you need for your laundry business include:

  • A good location
  • Laundry equipment like ironing table, pressing iron, washing machines, washing basins, nylon and tags, power generator, water, etc
  • A good marketing skills to advertise your business

5. Phone/Laptops

The tech industry is one of the fastest rising in Nigeria today. This makes the phone and laptop business very profitable.
You can make an offline weekly income by selling phones and laptops or offering the service of repairing them.

You can also sell parts like laptop chargers, adapters, phone chargers, earpiece, earpods, powerbanks, etc.

Online Weekly Income Business In Nigeria

As mentioned already, running a successful weekly income business is something that can either be done online or offline. Other than the ones mentioned which could be done offline, here are some that can be done online:

1. Content Writing

The business of content writing simply involves writing contents for individuals or businesses. These contents range from blog posts to articles, social media posts, case studies, newsletters, scripts, press releases, landing pages, product category descriptions, etc.

As a result of content writing being an important aspect of marketing in business, the demand for content writers has gone very high, although their role depends on the industry they are being hired into or the needs of the individual/organization hiring them.

However, provided you possess the skill of writing contents that represents a brand’s voice and and can help engage or attract the right audience, you can earn a steady weekly income as a content writer.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting people’s products or services and getting paid when you drive traffic to them or when customers pay for them. There are three types of affiliate marketing:

i. Unattached affiliate marketing: which involves promoting products or services you have no relation with.

ii. Related affiliate marketing: which involves promoting products or services you have a direct or indirect relationship with.

iii. Involved affiliate marketing: which involves promoting products or services you have a deeper connection with or you have used before. Promotion in this type of affiliate marketing is usually based on the experience of the affiliate marketer.

Whichever one it is, just know that be earning a decent income weekly through affiliate marketing by referring customers to companies to buy their products or by promoting these companies products and getting paid when customers make purchases.

3. Graphic Designing

This type of business involves the use of pictures, shapes, texts, colours, and other forms of visual elements to pass across messages from an organization to its audience.

Graphic designers are needed in almost every field today. From individuals to organizations, government, churches, schools, restaurants, etc, almost everyone needs a graphic designer in Nigeria. This makes it a good option for you if you are looking for an online business that can earn you an income every week.

4. E-commerce Business

This involves you selling products or services but rather than doing it in a physical location, you will be doing it online.

Just like most regular businesses, to earn a weekly income from e-commerce business, you simply have to get a website (which would serve as your online store), get the necessary licenses and permits, get products, and start marketing them for customers to buy.

5. Social Media Management

There are many companies and brands in Nigeria today with a social media presence but are struggling to create or manage contents that resonates with their audience. This is where you can come in as a social media manager.

By posting pictures and texts, sharing news, analysis markets, increasing followers, etc for clients, you can also make a steady weekly income as a social media manager.

What Are The Things To Consider Before Starting Any Of The Listed Weekly Income Business?

Now that you’ve known the various offline and online businesses you can start to in Nigeria to earn a weekly income, you don’t want to jump right in and start doing any of them as there are still certain things you need to consider before starting.

However, here are some things you need to consider before starting any of the offline or online business listed above:

1. Purpose

Don’t start an online or offline business that generates income weekly because others are doing it. That is a recipe for disaster and failure. Rather, have a purpose for doing it.

2. Research

Just because it looks enticing to you doesn’t mean you should do it. Conduct your research to know what it takes to do that business and what it will take for you to succeed while doing it.

3. Target Customers

What is the need of starting a business when there will be no customers to patronize you? Know who your ideal customers will be before you start one of these businesses. For instance, if you are starting a laundry business, you should know that your ideal customers are people who are so busy that they hardly get enough time to wash or iron their clothes.

4. Capital

One of the major reasons why many business owners fail or struggle today is because they venture into a business without having adequate capital.

Do not start any of the listed weekly income business if you do not have enough capital. Rather take a loan or ask family and friends for financial support.

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