10 Most Profitable Businesses In Kenya To Start With 100k

Profitable Businesses In Kenya To Start With 100k

There are a lot of people who have chosen to start their businesses in Kenya today as a result of the rate of unemployment in the country coupled with the poor working conditions in some organizations.

However, one flaw in their entrepreneurial venture is that they start their business without researching to assess its level of profitability.

Meanwhile, it is one thing to start and run a business and it is another thing to start and run a profitable business.

So if you want to start a business of your own in Kenya but are confused about which is the most profitable, then you have arrived at the right place. There are a good number of businesses in Kenya you can start with 100k that are considered profitable and in this article, we’ll be providing a list of some of them.

We’ll also be providing a bit of information on some of these businesses to help you make a choice.

What Is Known As A Profitable Business In Kenya?

What is known as a profitable business in Kenya are businesses whose revenue exceeds their expenses. As a profitable business, the metric is to help in the management and covering business expenses and other related costs, and still result in profit.

Also, we can say that a business is profitable the moment its total business income is greater than the business cost.

What Are The Most Profitable Business In Kenya To Start With 100k?

With 100k, there are a lot of businesses you can start and make lots of profit. However, here are the top 10 profitable businesses in Kenya to start with 100k:

1. Agriculture business
2. E-commerce business
3. Cleaning business
4. Food business
5. Beauty business
6. Fashion business
7. Education Business
8. Event planning business
9. Online business
10. Manufacturing business

1. Agriculture Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

As agriculture is the major backbone of Kenya’s economy which is contributing about 75% of the GDP, starting a business under it won’t be a bad idea. However, here are 4 agriculture businesses in Kenya to start with 100k:

Poultry Farming: With 100k, you can start a poultry farming business in Kenya. All you need to do is to acquire a land. This could be renting. Then determine the bread to farm and construct the poultry house. Meanwhile, you should hire the service of a professional to do the construction and you are good to start.

Tomato Farming: Tomato farming is another profitable business in Kenya with huge export potential. To get started in the tomato farming business, you have to select the best tomato seed for cultivation, and after the harvest, you can supply it to the market or processors.

Having the right techniques and engaging in best practices are essential keys to making a sustainable income from the tomato business.

Fish Farming: Fish farming can be a profitable business in Kenya.

You can start with 100k and decide whether to engage in monoculture, which is the rearing of one species of fish, or biculture which involves the rearing of two species of fish, or as well as polyculture which involves the rearing of two or more than two species of fish.

Next is to get a good location for your fish pond.

Plantain Farming: In Kenya, almost all plantain farmers cultivate their crops during the rainy season and their plantain plants only get 5 to 6 months of rainfall.

Now imagine if the plantain gets water through irrigation and all year round; what will be the yield? It will be 50-100% more profit. This shows that plantain farming is a profitable business in Kenya.

2. E-commerce Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

The e-commerce business involves the buying and selling of goods over the internet to make profits.

E-commerce has become so popular in recent years, and according to a report made by “e-commercedb”, Kenya is the 56th largest market for e-commerce and was predicted a revenue of 2300 million as of 2023. And also expected to experience an annual growth rate of 3.7% by revenue in one or two years.

So if you are ready to start an e-commerce business, here are 5 profitable e-commerce businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya:

Electronics & Gadgets: With 100k, you can set up your e-commerce store that specializes in electronics and gadgets like home entertainment systems, laptops, smartphones, etc.

Toys & Games: Another e-commerce type of business to invest in, is the selling of toys and games for children in your online store.

Baby Products: You can start an online store for baby products like diapers, baby gear, and clothing with 100k.

Online Clothing Store: This is another e-commerce business that you can venture into. You can start an online store where you sell shoes, clothes, and accessories. All you need to do is take pictures of the available products and display them on your online store.

Health & Wellness Products: With 100k, you can set up an online store to sell health and wellness products. This could include vitamins, fitness equipment, supplements, a digital BP Checker, and a stethoscope. However, it will be more profitable if you focus on one niche.

3. Cleaning Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

The cleaning business is one of the fastest-growing industries in Kenya. And day by day, cleaning services are being demanded due to busy schedules and other things that may come up.

Therefore, the following are 3 lucrative cleaning businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya:

Car Wash Business: If you take your time to do your findings and imagine the total number of vehicles on the road, you won’t doubt how profitable a car wash business can be.

With 100k you can start a car wash business in Kenya and still scale through and earn sufficient income from it. Meanwhile, when starting a car wash business, ensure you choose a good location to attract the right customers.

Laundry Business: With 100k, you could open a laundry shop where you wash, clean, and iron people’s clothes. With your budget at hand, you have to look for a good location and invest in equipment.

Nevertheless, you need a good location, good customer service, and a good marketing approach to make a lot of money from your laundry business.

Garbage Collection Business: You can start a garbage collection business and offer services such as collecting, storing, handling, sorting, and transporting solid waste materials.

4. Food Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

The food business is incredibly profitable in Kenya and there are various options to choose from if you have a budget of 100k which are:

Bakery Business: Due to the increasing demand for baked goods, the bakery business has become a profitable venture.

Now to get started, you have to choose the type of bakery you want to open either bread bakery or cake baking. Then proceed to rent a space and buy the needed bakery equipment, and you are good to launch your bakery business.

Fast Food Business: When starting a fast food business in Kenya, it is very important to decide on the type of fast food you want to start and the food you want to offer.

Also, you have to consider the preferences of Kenyans and the type of food they mostly enjoy.

With all these steps taken, you can differentiate yourself in the industry and attract potential customers.

Ice Cream Business: This is another profitable business you can start comfortably with 100k in Kenya. Firstly, you need to get the needed skills. Secondly, you purchase the necessary equipment. Lastly, you start producing and selling to people in your location.

Fruits Business: You can start a fruit business with 100k or less depending on how you choose to operate. As such, you have to rent a space in a good location for your fruit business, buy fruit directly from farms, and start selling.

5. Beauty Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

Kenya has an expanding population of people who are interested in the beauty and personal care of themselves. Thus, starting a beauty business can be a profitable venture.

Nevertheless, below are two profitable beauty businesses you can start with 100k in Kenya:

Cosmetics Business: Cosmetics business is booming in Kenya and it will guarantee you profit when you get started. Therefore, you can start a cosmetics business and start selling products like makeup products, personal care & toiletries, fragrances, skincare products, and hair care products.

Salon Business: With 100k, you can either start a hairdressing salon or a barbing salon business in Kenya. But before you get started, you have to first acquire the necessary training unless you wish to hire a hairdresser or barber for the operation of your business.

6. Fashion Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

Fashions are not limited to our daily lives. It plays a vital role in the society and cultural lifestyles. The fashion industry requires creativity and great innovations.

More so, starting a fashion business requires careful planning. And with a budget of 100k, you can start the below fashion business in Kenya:

Shoe Business: You can start selling different varieties of shoes such as sneakers, sandals, and slippers. On the other hand, you can decide to focus on women’s footwear, men’s footwear, or children’s footwear.

Mitumba Business: The Mitumba business is a growing industry in Kenya. It involves the practice of buying and selling second-hand to make a profit. However, you can start a Mitumba business and sell different types of Mitumba like handbags, school bags, clothes, and shoes.

Boutique Business: This business would require a good location if you want to make a lot of profit. If you are starting a boutique business, ensure to locate it in busy areas like school vicinity, bus stops, markets, and busy roads.

7. Education Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

Education is a necessity in the society. When we are talking about education it is not just limited to academic achievement but it has another purpose that it serves as well.

Meanwhile, here are 2 best education business ideas in Kenya you can start with 100k:

Daycare Business: You can offer daycare services that give parents the chance to work and advance their careers. Just ensure to meet the requirements and establish your daycare business.

Bookshop Business: Looking at the fact that books are repositories of knowledge, you can start a bookstore business close to a school environment and make a lot of money from readers.

8. Event Planning Businesses To Start With 100k In Kenya

Starting an event planning business in Kenya comes with learning how to plan events and making sure you are capable of planning events. In Kenya, there are diverse ways of making money from the event planning business and they are:

Event Planning: Event planners are making a lot of money planning events in Kenya. However, with a budget of 100k, you can establish yourself in the event planning business.

You can focus on social event planning, wedding planning, event decoration services, or corporate event planning.

Photography Business: You can start a photography business that covers anything event and occasion in Kenya. Also, you can add services such as video editing and photo booth rental.

Rental Services: Your 100k can start rental services in Kenya. You can just offer services for events by renting tables, chairs, tents (canopies), and sound systems.

9. Online Businesses You Can Start With 100k In Kenya

Making money from the internet has become a possibility. A lot of people now run an online business from the comfort of their homes and generate a lot of income.

All they work with is just their laptops or smartphones, skills, and internet access & connection.

Meanwhile, with 100k there are online businesses you can invest and make a lot of money as time goes on. Below are two of them:

Blogging: You can start a blogging business if you love creating content and are good at writing.

With your budget at hand, what you need to do is research more on blogging, choose a niche to focus on, buy a domain name, and host your blog.

Next is to buy keyword tools for keyword research or hire an SEO expert to do that for you.

Then hire writers to be writing on the keywords. With patience and consistency, you will be making a lot of money from your blog.

Information Marketing: Information marketing is another business in Kenya where you can invest 100k and generate a lot of income.

You have to create a product that solves people’s problems, and it can be packaged on PDFs, ebooks, or courses, then through a paid advert you can reach out to potential customers and attract massive sales.

10. Manufacturing Businesses You Can Start With 100k In Kenya

If you are looking for business opportunities in the manufacturing industry to start with 100k in Kenya, then here are 2 profitable manufacturing businesses in Kenya to invest in:

Soap Making Business: The demand for soaps will never fade because it is among the high-demand products in Kenya. As a result, starting a soap-making business can be a lucrative opportunity for you.

To get started, you have to learn how to produce quality soap and invest in equipment. With 20% of 100k, you can invest in quality advertising to get more customers.

Jewelry Making Business: The jewelry-making business is a profitable business in Kenya to start with 100k.

For you to get started, you will have to learn the jewelry-making business either through apprenticeship or through an expert. After that, you can produce and design jewelry such as bracelets, and earrings, and display them in your rented space.

However, you have to use word of mouth and social media advertising to grow your customer base.


Kenya is full of well-established businesses and innovative ideas for people to explore.

The 10 most profitable business ideas listed above are all promising and offer a range of opportunities for those who are willing to invest in Kenya.

With what you have read so far, we believe that you know the profitable businesses in Kenya you can start with 100k. Take the step today!!!

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